Bellevue High School is a member of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA).  Bellevue is proud to offer students the opportunity to participate in a number of clubs and activities.  If you are interested in participating in one or more of the following clubs and activities contact the Activities Office, Activities Coordinator or the appropriate advisor.

The BHS website contains updated information about current ASB clubs. You can review them by clicking on “ACTIVITIES” on the main page (see previous page for website address). There is also a posting of all the current clubs with locations and meeting times posted in the Commons.


Associated Student Body (ASB)                                                                                   Advisor:  Elizabeth Scott

The ASB takes on a tremendous responsibility not only to serve their fellow students, but also to represent BHS.  The work of an ASB Officer is an essential part of the well being of the entire BHS community and they accept significant responsibility for the direction our school will take in the coming year.  Serving as an ASB Officer may be challenging, but it’s extremely rewarding and the leadership skills learned and used are essential skills everyone needs. Elections are held each spring and are open to all grade levels.


Class Officers                    

Class Officers are elected to serve their peers.  From running class meetings to sponsoring class events, the officers are dedicated to making everyone feel welcome at BHS.  Class officers, like ASB Officers, are called to service and while the position is sometimes challenging, the skills learned are valuable and the work is rewarding. Elections are held each spring and an officer serves for one year.



Want to start a new club?

Get a club charter form from the activities office, Ms. Conrad’s room or online ( , complete and turn into the Activities Office. New charters are done for every club, every year. The ASB officers have a board meting every Wednesday to discuss and approve or decline club charters. Clubs need to have a teacher advisor, at least 6 members and a clear mission that fits within our school mission and goals. We have four main areas clubs fall under:

  • Athletic (groups like Water Polo and Lacrosse) – these need administrative approval
  • Academic (groups like Math Club, Japanese Club, etc.)
  • Educational (groups like DECA, Barque, Beacon, GSA, etc.)
  • Service (groups like National Honor Society, Key Club, Peer Mediation, etc.)

Starting a club is easy and a great way to get involved and develop your leadership skills.


Get involved at BHS & join a club!


Most students at Bellevue are involved in sports and/or clubs.  They help build our school community and allow students to explore their interests while developing their leadership skills. We encourage all students to find something that they are interested in and then try to stick with it for several years. Bellevue High School offers many after-school activities and clubs. Most clubs meet weekly, although some are much more active than others.  Any student can start a club by recruiting an advisor and some other members.  All clubs must complete a charter each year and get approval from ASB.  See the ASB Club Wall in the Commons to find out which clubs are meeting when and/or visit the club advisor listed below to find out more information about the club and how to join. Also, make sure to visit the Activities Fair in the Commons during lunch at the beginning of every semester. Get involved at BHS and make a difference in our school and community.

Bellevue High School Activities and Clubs 2016-2017

Club                                                                                                        Advisor                                  Advisor’s Room                   

Academic Coaches and Peer Tutors*                                      Leslie Blumenstein                                Library

Aerospace Club                                                                                    Chuck Kralovich                    1120

Anime Club                                                                                             Todd Miyata                           1112

Art Club                                                                                                    Hannah Yale                          1125

Architecture Club                                                                           Valentina Cracivnoiu               1121

Auto Club                                                                                                Pete McCue                            0110

Band                                                                                                          Edd George                           Band room

Barque Newspaper*                                                                           David Tomihiro                     2109

Beacon Yearbook*                                                                              Edd Bright                              0104

Bellairs *                                                                                                  Andrew Jacobson                 Choir Room

Bending the Arc                                                                                    Michener, Jess                      1113

Business Entrepeneneurs                                                               Adams/Bright                         104

Camp Korey                                                                                       Jessica Moyer                       Math Flex wing

Cheer Squad*                                                                                         Amanda Pardee                    Activities Office

Chess Team                                                                                             Patrick Van Dyke                   1103

Chinese Club                                                                                     Leslie Smith                           2112

Choir                                                                                                         Andrew Jacobson                 Choir Room

Compassion International                                                           Kay Chikos                            1106

Cook for the Homeless                                                                     Adina Florshiem                    Culinary Room

Culinary Arts and Sciences                                                            Brown                                     Culinary Room

Debate                                                                                                      Terry Jess                              1113

DECA  (Distributive Ed. Clubs of America)                                     Tammi Riggers                      1130

Drama Club                                                                                           David Kline                            1404

Drill Team*                                                                                             Cassandra Beecher                              Activities Office

Earthbound Club                                                                                  Jennifer Lutz                          1105

Esports                                                                                                     Tammi Riggers                      1130

FCA (Fellowship of the Christian Athletes)                                       Steve Gehrig                          1109

GYLI (Global Youth Leader Initiative)                                              Tennille Baileykaze                               2110

History Club                                                                                           John Brill                                               1116

J.S.A. (Junior Statespersons Of America)                                        Conor Corum                         2105

K.A.S.B Radio                                                                                        Brad Conger                          0101

Key Club                                                                                                   Cindy Guyer                          2119

Knowledge Bowl                                                                                  Tammi Riggers                      1130

Link Crew*                                                                                             Gonzalez and Sageng             2114 or 2118

Mainstream Electronic
Mutimedia Entertainment Society                                         Brad Conger                          0101

Manga Club                                                                                           Sacha Debaumarchis            2111

Math Club                                                                                              Taotao Liu                              1102

Mock Trial Club                                                                                 Helen Andrews                      Bellevue YMCA

Model United Nations Club                                                          Ululani Ortiz                           2102

National Art Honor Society                                                          Hannah Yale                          1125

National Hispanic Honor Society*                                            Rocio Gonzales                    2114

National Honor Society*                                                                Elizabeth Rodock                  1115

Orchestra                                                                                               Chase Chang                       Band room

Origami Club                                                                                         Noriko Lafavour                     2117

Performing For a Cause                                                               Hannah Yale                          1125

Photography Club                                                                               Debby Nixon                          1127

Physics Club                                                                                          Valentina Cracivnoiu            1121

Poetry Club                                                                                         Shannon Grayson                                2103

Pride Club                                                                                                Jenn Weitman                       2122

Programming and Game-Making Club                                      Kit George                              0104

Putt- Putt Golf Association (PPGA)                                               Evan Sageng                         2118

Rhythm Game Club                                                                         Jamie Pearsall                            2111

Robotics Club                                                                                        Kralovich & Florsheim               1120

Rock Club                                                                                            Edd George                               1407

SALT (Student Athlete Leadership Team)                                        Lauren McDaniel                        Upper Aux. Gym

Science Club                                                                                          Dan Dorsey                                                                  2120

Spikeball Club                                                                                  Monahan                                      2107

Speech and Debate                                                                         Terry Jess                                    1113

Student Business and Engineering                                           Elizabeth Scott                             2105

The Wolverine Way Club                                                                Tammi Riggers                            1130

TARC (Team America Rocketry Challenge Club)                           Valentina Cracivnoiu                 1121

Young Republicans Club                                                                 Will Linser                                    1114


* Application needed and audition/tryouts may be required

Service clubs are a great way to earn your 40 hours required for graduation