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The 66th Annual BHS Homecoming 2014

Overall Theme: When Olympus Falls, Who will Rise?

Senior sub-theme:              Zeus                                        
Sophomore sub-theme:      Hades
Junior sub-theme:              Poseidon
eshmen sub-theme:        Artemis
Teacher’s sub-theme:         Titans

ASB is planning many special events as part of Homecoming 2014. Below is a brief overview:

Spirit Week:                  October 20th–October 24th   

Homecoming officially kicks off on Monday, October 20th. Homecoming Spirit Week is October 20th to October 24th.  The week begins with Deck the Halls, where each class has their flex area to decorate, and on Wednesday (during Wake Up), students will vote for their Homecoming Royalty.

Promote Class Unity and participation in Dress-Up Days:

Monday, October 20th               Pajama Day
Tuesday, October 21st              Seahawks Day
Wednesday, October 22nd         Workout Wednesday 
Thursday, October 23
rd             Infection Day
Friday, October 24th            Class Theme Dress up Day

Homecoming Day Assembly      Friday, October 24th

The morning begins with an assembly at 9am that includes introducing the Homecoming Royalty, section-decoration contests, the class Songs and the class Videos. We will also have a special performance from our Cheer Squad & Drill Team & recognize our senior football players.  Classes will sit in their class sections and parents are welcome to sit in the upper bleachers. Note: Voting for the Homecoming King and Queen will be a part of the original voting during 4th period, the top 2 seniors will be crowned King and Queen and announced at the game.

Floats & Main Street Parade @ 5:30               Friday, October 24th

On the afternoon of the 24th, students will gather in the West Lot at 3:00 to create their class floats for the big parade later that evening.  Building the floats is always a fun event and many classes have BBQ’s and other food present. We encourage as many kids as possible to get involved, we always can use more help here so please sign up. We will leave the school at 5:00 to make our way to the Bellevue Park. At 5:30 SHARP, the Homecoming 2014 Parade begins in Old Bellevue at the corner of Main and 100th.  The parade lasts all of 10 minutes, so if you are late, you will miss it, don’t be late!  Let’s fill the street with students, staff, parents and alumni!  Dress in your blue and gold, this is a great community event for all.

Football, Royalty & Senior Night    Friday, 10/24th  

The Homecoming Game kicks-off at 7:00 in Bellevue Memorial Stadium.  At half-time, we will have a special presentation from our own BHS Band, Cheer team and Drill Team. Then ASB will present the Royalty Court as well as crown the Homecoming King and Queen. The winners of all the class competitions will also be announced. Finally, after the game, we will be recognizing the seniors of our Football team, Cheer & Drill teams. All class officers, ASB officers & friends will then gather in the commons to decorate for the dance.

Homecoming Dance               Saturday, October 25th

The Dance begins at 8:30 pm and goes to 11:00 (as do all dances at BHS). Tickets will go on sale the week of October 20th in the Accounting Office for $25 with ASB and $30 without. Tickets will be on sale at the door for $30.00. Guest passes are required for all non-BHS students and due on the 20th. The Homecoming Dance is semi-formal & tuxedos are not required. At the dance there will be a large dance floor, a dessert buffet & photo room. Groups, singles, couples, all are encouraged to come. Dates are not required, we just want everyone there!

Photos: Photos are available at the dance, packages range in price from around $20 to around $80. - LINK

Set-Up & Clean-Up:

Dance Set-up and Clean-up is completed by all the ASB and Class officers. Any student is welcome to help. Set-up will begin Friday night after the game until 11:30pm and be completed on Saturday from 9 to noon. Clean-up will occur on Sunday at noon, until we are done usually about 3pm. All officers are required to attend.

Overview of Student Projects….Get Involved!

Homecoming should be a time for everyone to celebrate the best of Bellevue High and as many people as possible should be involved in this celebration.  Each of the four classes create various committees involving as many students as possible to:

  1. Deck the Halls: each office will be assigned a flex area to decorate according to their theme. They need to be completed by Monday evening, October 20th. You will have 3 hours to complete it.
  2. Prepare a song for the Homecoming Assembly on October 24th.
  3. Decorate the class section in the main gym for the Assembly on Oct. 24th.
  4. Prepare a short movie for the Homecoming Day Assembly on Oct. 24th
  5. Organize 10 volunteers to help decorate for the dance on Oct. 24th
  6. Prepare a float for the Parade on Oct. 24th

Please remember that the Parade is on Friday the 24th of October & begins at 5:30pm SHARP. We want ALL of Bellevue out to celebrate, come and join us!

Homecoming 2014 Calendar

Spirit Week Begins:             

Mon. Oct. 20th      Pajama Day

Dance Guest passes due for non-BHS students

Deck the Halls from 2:30 to 5:30pm

Tues. 10/21   Seahawk Day    

                        Deck the Halls unveiled           

Wed. 10/22   Workout Wednesday  

Homecoming Royalty Court voting during Wakeup

Thurs. 10/23   Infection Day   

Fri. 10/24    Class Theme Dress-up Day 
Homecoming Assembly 9am
Construction of the Floats in the West lot at 3:00
Homecoming Parade (5:30 sharp) on Old Main St.
Homecoming Football Game at 7pm
oyalty & Half-time Activities @ game
Senior Recognition after the game

Sat. 10/25     Homecoming Dance (8:30 - 11:00)

Bellevue High School Mission Statement

The Wolverine Way. It’s worth the climb.
We hold high standards. We embrace the challenge together and support one another along the way.

We are a community dedicated to learning. We are students, teachers, parents, staff, family, alumni, and neighbors. Together, we strive for excellence in all we do. We educate our minds and strengthen our hearts. We are preparing for college and for life.

Thoughtful action. Accountable excellence. Shared success. Respect for all.
We embrace challenges and aspire to excellence for ourselves and for our community. We respect others and ourselves. We’re in it together.

Motivated. Prepared. Confident. Curious. Kind.
We recognize that excellence is never finished, and may not be within reach right from the start. So we are motivated and prepared—not just for the goals, but for the effort we’ll put into them. We act with confidence not because we know the answers, but because we’re ready to explore and discover new solutions. We are curious about what’s beyond the textbooks and the tests. We take pride in our involvement with our school and our community.

What can I do to make a difference? Where can I find a solution? How can I help others succeed?

Learn about other people, places, and cultures. Recognize, support, and celebrate individuals. Participate in the community. Create a better world.

Focused. Honest. Creative. Helpful. Kind. Open-minded. Passionate.

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