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RULER Lesson at Cherry Crest

Gifted services are provided to students who live within the BSD attendance area, who are currently enrolled in a BSD school, and who have been identified as in need of gifted programming through two options. Students may attend the self-contained program, where they are placed in classes with like ability peers at Cherry Crest, Medina, Somerset, Spiritridge, Odle, Tyee, and Interlake, or they may choose to remain in their home or choice school setting and receive differentiated instruction in the general education classroom.  Students attending a BSD school on an inter-district transfer are eligible to receive differentiated services only at the school for which the transfer applies.  Services provide instruction in the core content areas of language arts, social studies, science and math.  Instruction is designed to meet students’ cognitive and academic needs at the appropriate level.

The testing process follows the same cycle every year.  Please see below for important dates:

September/October Apply for winter gifted testing for all in-district, private and home school students currently in grades 1 – 11.  Only for students that live within the Bellevue School District service area.
End of October Deadline for winter applications
December/January Gifted testing for all grades
Beginning of March Result letters for BSD student in grades 5 – 11 and private school students in grades 1 – 11
mid-April Result letters for BSD students in grades 1 – 4
May – mid-July Apply for summer gifted testing for new students to the district that will have just completed grades 1 – 11.  Only students that have moved into the district after the end of October deadline may apply.
Mid-July Deadline for summer applications
End of July Gifted testing for new students
September Apply for private school K testing
September/October Gifted testing for private school K