General Volunteers

Parents, Relatives & Caregivers of BSD Students

  • Help out in your student’s classroom, with special events or teacher needs.
  • Help out with school events and field trips

Activity/Athletic Coaches and Others*

  • Athletic programs
  • Extra curricula programs
  • Enrichment programs
  • Internships
  • BSD Student Projects in BSD schools
  • Classroom observation for education classes

*Must be during the school day or with a BSD sponsored program. Check with school administrator to determine if there is a need and/or placement for you before applying.


VIBES Mentor Tutor Program

What is VIBES?

The VIBES Mentor Tutor Program is an in-school program with Bellevue School District supporting students at all grade levels, PreK-12.  VIBES recruits, screens and trains community volunteers to mentor and tutor Bellevue students.  Our volunteers come from all walks of life – retirees, working professionals, parents, college students, and BSD high school students. VIBES volunteers commit to a minimum of one hour per week and make a positive impact in a student’s life.

BSD Student Volunteers

Do you like working with younger children?  Are you considering becoming a teacher?  Can you commit to a weekly volunteer placement for the duration of the school year? Before applying to become a VIBES Mentor Tutor, check with elementary schools in your area to determine if there is an on-going opportunity that will work with your schedule.

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