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Equity Team

An equitable and excellent school district is one in which all students achieve high levels of academic success, regardless of any student’s race, ethnicity, culture, country of origin, religion, gender, special needs, sexual orientation, neighborhood, income of parents, or mother tongue. In an equitable and excellent school district, there are no persistent patterns of differences in the academic achievement or treatment of students grouped by race, ethnicity, culture, special needs, country of origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, neighborhood, income of parents, or mother tongue. Equity and excellence occur when each and every student is served effectively to achieve at high levels.

Equity for Each & Every Student

Align policies and practices with our mission of achievement for each and every student.

Identify and examine critical disparities in our educational system to ensure that opportunities and supports exist for high achievement by each and every student regardless of special needs, race, ethnicity, or financial status.

Provide a rigorous (challenging academic environment) education for each and every student.

Expect and support relevant, culturally competent learning environments.

Teaching & Learning

Ensure each and every student is performing at or above grade level within a continuum of learning from early childhood through high school graduation, to prepare them for college, career, and life success.

Ensure that each and every student has access to engaging & relevant common curriculum designed to ensure Equity in order to eliminate the achievement and opportunity gaps.

Employ effective research-based instructional practices.

Provide educational options that address the individual needs of each and every learner.

Student & Family Supports

Create an additive, not subtractive or deficit oriented, welcoming, inclusive, and safe school environment.

Develop partnerships with families to support their engagement in student success and academic achievement by fully removing any disparities or barriers.

Communicate effectively and frequently with students, families and partners in a culturally competent and equitable manner.

Provide integrated support services including transportation, nutrition, mental health, and other community resources in an equitable manner.

Leadership & Equity in the Workplace

Create and implement an equitable recruitment and hiring model that ensures the hiring of personnel that reflects our community demographics.

Create and provide a welcoming work environment to all District staff by developing and implementing an onboarding, induction & mentorship plan to support existing and newly hired employees of diverse backgrounds.

Design and implement a retention & promotion plan that includes best practices to retain highly skilled employees, particularly those employees of diverse backgrounds.

Provide effective professional development, which will be analyzed for its implications relative to equity and cultural competence.

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