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The Curriculum Department provides leadership in the development of instructional resources for use by teachers as they carry out instruction with students.

Curriculum Developers collaborate with teachers to develop courses, improve and refine curriculum and assessments and anchor to the standards. Additionally, Developers stay abreast of new developments and instructional approaches in their subject area, including instructional technology and innovative instructional strategies and materials.

Instructional Technology Curriculum Leaders (ITCLs) are assigned to each school to provide training and support in the implementation of curriculum and instructional technology programs, including Brightspace, OneNote, SmartBoards,  Aspen GradeBook, and other electronic resources.


Brightspace is an interactive learning management system where entire courses are placed online with resources such as discussion forums, course content, quizzes, surveys and much, much more.

One-to-One Laptop Program

One-to-One computing offers many benefits to our modern day classroom and learner. The laptop will allow students to access learning materials and engage in real-time inquiry as their questions arise.

Curriculum Staff

All phone numbers begin (425) 456-####

Additive Bilingual ProgramsPatrick Brownbrownp@bsd405.org7481
AVIDMonica Daviesdaviesm@bsd405.org4126
Chinese K-12Monica Lolom@bsd405.org4056
Director of Curriculum and InstructionLiz Ritzritze@bsd405.org4108
Director of Instructional Technology Eric Fergusonfergusone@bsd405.org4226
Director of Instructional Technology Tom Duenwaldduenwaldt@bsd405.org4042
Educational TechnologyKeith Onstotonstotk@bsd405.org4645
English Language Learner CurriculumNicole Shimizushimizun@bsd405.org4742
Executive Director of Curriculum & InstructionSharon Kautzkautzs@bsd405.org4109
Gifted ElementaryDebbie Brandtbrandtd@bsd405.org4279
Gifted K-1Kristi Stroyanstroyank@bsd405.org4698
Gifted Middle School Social Studies & EnglishDebby Benzingerbenzingerd@bsd405.org4073
Information LiteracyJudy Bordeauxbordeauxj@bsd405.org4269
Language Arts 6-12Cathy Wellingtonwellingtonc@bsd405.org4158
Literacy K-5Eric Nelsonnelsone@bsd405.org4268
Math 5-8Betty Nhannhanb@bsd405.org4164
Math 8-12Mary Takletaklem@bsd405.org4096
Math K-5Sarah Brewerbrewersa@bsd405.org4101
PE/Health 6-12Tori Marcummarcumt@bsd405.org7591
PE/Health K-5Mary Nordstromnordstromm@bsd405.org4920
Science K-12Angie DiLoretodiloretoa@bsd405.org4163
Social and Emotional LearningRandi Petersonpetersonr@bsd405.org4049
Social and Emotional LearningWendy Powellpowellw@bsd405.org4165
Social Studies K-12Patty Sheltonsheltonp@bsd405.org4275
Special Education K-12Rebecca Mayesmayesr@bsd405.org4623
STEMJake Dukedukej@bsd405.org4178
STEMGreg Bianchibianchig@bsd405.org4174
STEMCheri Bortlesonbortlesonc@bsd405.org4102
Supervisor of Career and Technical EducationMarilyn Henselmanhenselmanm@bsd405.org4186
Supervisor of Gifted ProgramsLora McHughmchughl@bsd405.org4136
Visual and Performing ArtsMark Wilbertwilbertm@bsd405.org4203
Visual ArtJessica Hollowayhollowayj@bsd405.org4203
World LanguageParis Granvillegranvillep@bsd405.org4051