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Thank You to LTI Mentors

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Big Picture's First Graduating Class

Monday, June 1, 2015
big picture graduate“Big Picture is a great fit for students who have a real passion for learning and know what they want out of life,” said Kaarina Aufranc, English teacher and advisor at Big Picture. This year the school will graduate its first senior class.

Students at Big Picture focus on their passion and interests, and how to get to the career path they want, while staff support the students on their goals, said Aufranc. It’s about “figuring out along the way not just what your career is going to be, but what is going to drive you for your life. I would encourage any student who is interested in figuring that out to come here,” she said. Learn more... 

Makerspace at Big Picture

Monday, May 11, 2015
“Things are different here at Big Picture,” said sixth grader Zoe Marsch. She is a student in the school’s Makerspace STEM workshop, designed to creatively and scientifically challenge students. The Makerspace focuses on engineering design activities, hands-on learning and real-life applications.

Creativity and education are melded together in Big Picture’s Makerspace, a location where students are given endless materials including duct tape, piping, wiring, motors, zip ties and more to work on engineering projects.

“The Makerspace is a great place for students to get engaged with learning,” said sixth grade teacher and underwater robotics Makerspace facilitator Jenny Ferries. Learn more... 

Intern Spotlight - Foundry 10

Monday, May 4, 2015
foundry 10Foundry 10 is a non-profit organization that strives to change, expand, and improve the unique way students learn at their own pace. Through a variety of non-conventional learning programs centered on technology, Foundry 10 studies the interests of the students as well as how they learn. Their programs range from video production, robotics, programing, and so many more. The subject for each of these programs can vary depending on the interest of the student. Foundry 10 seeks to help kindle a student’s ideas and interests on a subject to directly impact the student in a positive manner. Currently more than 10 interns are participating in and helping with, Foundry 10’s programs. Learn more... 


  • June 17 - High School Graduation @ 6:30
  • June 18 - 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony @ 1:30
  • June 22 - Last Day of School, 8-10am

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