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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft has made Office 365 free of charge for Bellevue School District students and staff. You will be able to install Office on up to five devices. With Office 365 you will have access to the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and much more. After installing, you will need to provide your district credentials for full editing capability. The District Help Desk will not be available to provide support for personal devices.

Follow these steps to get Office

From the device you wish to install Office on, visit

1. Enter in your district username: <username> and click Next.

2. Click on Work or School Account.

3. Enter in your district password, click Sign in.

4. For a computer, click the Install Office button and follow the onscreen process. For iOS, Android and Windows devices, click on the link(s) at the bottom of the screen to get Office on your phone or tablet.

Username Help for Students

The username is the student’s network login of s- and the student’s last name and first initial. For example: Jane Doe would use s-doej

For students with duplicate last names and first initials, additional characters from the first name are appended to provide for a unique username for each student in the district.  For example: Joe Doe might use s-doejo and Joel Doe might use s-doejoe.

Contact your office manager if your student is not sure what their username is.

Password Help for Students

  • At the Secondary level, the password is whatever the student has chosen to be their password.
  • At the Elementary level, the password is s# and the student’s ID. For example: s#123456