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Challenge Coin Award

The Safety & Security Department will recognize members of the Bellevue School District community for excellence in the advancement of safety and emergency preparedness for the staff and students of the Bellevue School District family. This award is for efforts above and beyond established requirements as set by state law and district standards.


Stories about the origin of challenge coins vary. The tradition may have begun during the First World War or may even date back as far as the Roman Empire. Whatever the case may be, law enforcement and military challenge coins have evolved into a contemporary practice.

It is common practice for men and women who earn these coins through exemplary service to display them proudly to remind them the work they are doing is worthwhile. The coins also serve as a symbol of their courage and selfless service to the community.

The sheepdog symbol represents those individuals that recognize dangers in the world and are willing to defend those they love. Danger can take many forms and sheepdogs stand ready to protect the people they hold dear through education, selflessness, and commitment.

Recipients of the BSD Sheepdog Challenge Coin can display their coin proudly as a symbol of their service and commitment to fostering a culture of safety and preparedness.


The award consists of a 1.75 inch challenge coin picturing the district seal on the obverse and a stylized sheepdog head with the phrase “I AM THE SHEEPDOG” on the reverse. A citation in the form of a certificate is issued with the coin.


This award is given by the Safety & Security Department and may be given based on any combination of the following:

  • Providing invaluable assistance to the Safety & Security Department in the furtherance of their mission
  • Providing additional training or training opportunities over the requirements of the state and district
  • Fostering a culture of safety and preparedness within a group or facility of the Bellevue School District


2022-23 School Year

  • Patty Siegwarth, Executive Director of Schools
  • Janelle Cornelison, Special Education Teacher, Sherwood Forest Elementary

2020-21 & 2021-22 School Year

  • Chris Hoogstad, Manager, Custodial Services
  • Cynthia Pardee, Health Services
  • Heather Edlund, Executive Director, Staff and Student Engagement
  • Melissa DeVita, Deputy Superintendent

2019-20 School Year

  • Tina Bogucharova, Principal, Jing Mei Elementary
  • Helen Yung, Assistant Principal, Jing Mei Elementary
  • Robin Moore, Assistant Principal, International School
  • Mike Schiehser, Assistant Principal, Interlake High School
  • Carrie Lang, Director of Special Education- Nursing
  • Jason Golec, Executive Director of Technology
  • Andrew Shaw, Network Engineer, Technology
  • Dave Roberts, Network Engineer, Technology
  • Melanie Locher, Systems Administrator, Technology
  • Nancy Larson, Facilities and Maintenance Manager
  • Marie Telecky, Director of Finance and Budget

2018-19 School Year

  • Grace Huxtable, Student, Big Picture School
  • Amy MacDonald, Principal, Enatai Elementary
  • Ali Sameti, Assistant Principal, Enatai Elementary
  • Amy Fisher, Teacher, Enatai Elementary
  • May Pelto, Principal, Eastgate Elementary
  • Mary Colón, Assistant Principal, Eastgate Elementary
  • Doug Faulkner, Teacher, Eastgate Elementary
  • Sara Lockwood, Teacher, Eastgate Elementary

2017-18 School Year

  • Amy MacDonald, Principal, Enatai Elementary
  • Ali Sameti, Assistant Principal, Enatai Elementary
  • Angelie Duimovic, Assistant Principal, Puesta Del Sol
  • Scott Powers, Principal, Sammamish High School
  • Anecia Grigsby Gibbons, Assistant Principal, Sammamish High School
  • Adina Rosenberg, Special Education Teacher – Pacific Program, Interlake High School
  • Steve Hamada, Teacher, Newport High School

2016-17 School Year

  • Officer Greg Mills, Bellevue Police Department
  • Bethany Spinler, Principal, Big Picture School
  • Jessica Heaton, Assistant Principal, Big Picture School
  • Marnie Kazarian Olson, Teacher, Woodridge Elementary

2015-16 School Year

  • Dr. Tim Mills, Superintendent (Retired)
  • Melissa deVita, Deputy Superintendent
  • Jeff Thomas, Executive Director of Human Resources
  • Yasmina Patterson, Administrative Assistant to Deputy Superintendent
  • Connie Soga, Facilities Services Support Manager
  • Beth Hamilton, Principal, Wilburton Elementary School