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Safety and Security

We are committed to preparing and empowering our schools to respond to security risks, incidents and emergencies knowledgeably, confidently and effectively. Through our resources and partnerships, we build and deliver a dynamic, world-class school safety and security program.

Call 911 if you are in immediate danger. You may report bullying or safety concerns anonymously with SafeSchools Alert. Please contact your principal regarding any school-specific safety questions. If there is a non-emergency concern with one of our buildings and it is after hours, please call (425) 456-7233.

The mission of the BSD Safety and Security Department is to establish a culture of safety and security that provides for a safe learning environment through preparedness and awareness so that all students can acquire/achieve an exemplary education and succeed in college, career and life. To accomplish this, the Safety and Security Team will work with BSD staff to provide dynamic, world-class training and support to establish a culture of service and professionalism that results in a renowned and respected school safety, emergency and disaster preparedness program.

Recognizing the Bellevue School District’s guiding principles of excellence in education; equity and access for all; accountability; collaboration and communication; innovation and continuous improvement; quality teaching and learning; diversity; and resource stewardship, members of the Safety and Security Department will act with and build a culture of S.E.R.V.I.C.E. at all times.

Service – We value our supportive and professional role as Emergency Management Program Coordinators (EMPC) in the Bellevue School District, and will serve our stakeholders with dedication and sincerity.

Excellence – the BSD Safety and Security Team strives to be the premier public school district emergency management team. We will accomplish this through a commitment to and expectation of excellence in communication; collaboration; teaching; learning and self-improvement; innovation; teamwork and mentoring.

Reliable – We will work to be trustworthy, faithful and reliable to our stakeholders and will deliver on every promise, every time.

Value people – We will treat all others with the utmost courtesy, politeness and kindness and will value and respect differences of opinion and ideas.

Integrity – To gain and hold the trust of our stakeholders, we will conduct ourselves with un-impeachable personal and professional integrity. We will be responsible stewards of public trust, resources and funds. We will be trustworthy, ethical and respectful in all actions and manners.

Change – We understand that there are always better and more efficient ways to do things in the safety and emergency management field. We will pursue self-improvement and continually drive change and innovation.

Equity – Recognizing that diversity makes us stronger as a team and allows us to better serve our workforce and educational community, we will recognize, embrace and respect our differences and adhere to the principles of equity for all.

Policies & Procedures

Our Stories

BSD staff stand outside building by a school bus, listening to Safety and Security presentation

In the event of an emergency, the Bellevue School District may be required to release students to parents and guardians through our controlled student reunification process. Recently, members of the BSD central office Reunification Jump-Out Team deployed to one of our off-site locations to familiarize themselves with the site, emergency resources available, and to walk through the reunification process.

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Hands typing on a laptop overlaid with images of closed locks.

Cyber kidnappings aim to get an individual to believe that a loved one has been kidnapped, are in immediate danger and a ransom must be paid. These schemes often involve the use of technology such as artificial intelligence voice spoofing, caller ID spoofing, and social media activity to convince unsuspecting victims to pay money. BSD Safety and Security provides some guidance to our learning community in the event they become impacted by a cyber kidnapping scheme

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staff practicing safety

Keeping students and staff safe in our schools is a top priority at the Bellevue School District. Learn about the many ways in which BSD promotes safety and security in our schools. 

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Supporting Safe Learning Environments through Preparedness and Awareness

Providing a safe environment for all students and staff is a top priority at Bellevue School District. The BSD Safety & Security team takes a multi-layered approach to school safety, including physical security, emergency preparedness, and well-trained staff.

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Attend the Fentanyl Information Event for BSD Families

On Wednesday, November 15, 2023, Bellevue School District will bring together experts from local, state and federal agencies to provide a comprehensive look at the dangers of fentanyl and opioids in our community.

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