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Facilities Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get internet access?

Yes. Guest wireless internet access is available at all BSD school facilities after school and weekends only. During summer it is all day every day except at those schools where summer-school is being held. In that case the former applies.

Can I put up signs advertising my event prior to the event?

No advanced advertising is allowed for non-school events. Signage is allowed on the day of the event and must be removed upon departure.

Can I have an inflatable bounce house/room or jump & slide at my event?

No. Our insurance policy does not allow equipment use of these types.

If it snows of if schools close early, will my event be allowed to go on?

If schools have a delayed start, events will continue. If schools close early, all events for that day are canceled. If the District closes schools on a Friday due to inclement winter weather, all events for that night and the following weekend are canceled. This includes all school and community events.

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Are there tables and chairs that I can use?

Schools have a limited supply of tables and chairs available for use in certain areas such as commons, cafeterias and gyms. Advance set-up layouts may be required. Performing Arts Centers have specific equipment forms for each school and allowances for use.

Is the kitchen or its equipment available to use?

Use of kitchen and/or its equipment are restricted by state laws. Any use requires Nutrition Services staff and additional fees apply. Contact the Facility Use Office for specifics.

Are there microphones (PA system) or projectors available for use? Does it cost?

Technology equipment is not for use by community users.

What is the capacity for the commons or multi-purpose room?

Each school has several large areas for rent and all are different sizes (capacity). Our website has a breakdown of the different areas and their capacity based on the school.

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Can I rent the covered play areas at the schools? (Primarily middle and elementary schools).

Yes. Covered areas are a first come first serve basis unless the covered area is rented to commercial users.

Are tennis courts available for rent or reservation?

Yes, the tennis courts can be rented for commercial use. Our tennis courts are available to the public during non-school hours and/or events on a first come first serve basis only with a limit of 2 hours unless a court is rented.

Is the track available for individual use?

Yes. School tracks can be used if they are not being used by the school or a community renter. Keys may be rented from schools with enclosed tracks (usually high schools.) Contact the school in question directly.

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Performing Arts Centers (PAC)

What is the seating capacity of the PAC?

Each PAC has different seating capacity. Visit the Performing Arts Centers website to review all HS PAC and their sizes.

Are there band risers, choir risers or stage sections?

These items are available for additional fees.

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