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Transportation Information

Metro, Access Bus, and Transit Training

Reduced Fare Metro Card

Any individual with a documented disability, confirmed by a medical provider from the list below, is eligible.  This card allows qualified riders to travel at a discounted rate.  Additionally, riders with disability can specify to have a personal care attendant (PCA) to ride with them for free as a support person. We do ask that applicants have their medical provider confirm this on the application in order to allow our school staff to ride the bus with students in order to support them as needed.

Steps to obtain this card:

  1. Student fill out the Reduced Fare Bus Application​ 
  2. Check the box that states they have a “Permanent or Temporary disability (case-by-case)” 
  3. Students and families MUST get a signature on this application to verify they have a disability  by one of the following: a Physician (M.D.), Psychiatrist, Psychologist (Ph.D.), Physician’s Assistant (P.A.), Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (A.R.N.P.), Audiologist certified by the American Speech–Language–Hearing Association, Osteopathic Physician (D.O.) licensed in the State of Washington. ​ Please have them check the box that student requires a support person…this will allow school staff to accompany the student to/from community trips!
  4. Student and family bring signed application, along with a photo ID (could be WA State ID, or their school picture card, etc.) to the nearest King County Transit Office.  The closet permanent location is downtown Seattle (201 S Jackson St # 326, Seattle, WA 98104) .  Occasionally there are temporary mobile locations in Bellevue (ie:  BC). Please call 206-553-3000 to inquire.
    • Student will stand in line with their signed application and photo ID 
    • They get their picture taken 
    • They get their card 
  5. Once they have their cards, please email your Transition Program Teacher or the Program Coordinator the 2 sets of numbers on the front of the card in order to get it associated with the BSD transportation office to load funds on it.  BSD will continue to load the card until the student graduates.  Students can keep the card after graduation and load their own funds for future trips.
  6. Cards MUST be scanned on a bus first to be ACTIVATED. To do this, students must literally wait at a stop, scan a card on a bus, but not actually get on.

This activation process usually takes 1 whole day to work and then students should be able to use the cards the next day​ .


Here are helpful “how to” videos

  1. Creating a New Account
  2. Navigating
  3. How to set up a Payment Method and Autoload


There are more at the Youtube Orca page which will have some information videos in other languages.:

**All incoming students to the Evergreen Transition Program should already have completed this process prior to their entrance to the program.  If you have questions or need assistance, please contact

Access Bus Transportation

This is for riders who require individualized door-to-door transportation due to safety and supervision needs. Applicants must meet eligibility criteria, which is based on whether your disability prevents you from performing the tasks needed to ride regular public bus service some or all of the time. An in-person evaluation at Harbor View Hospital may or may not be required when applying for Access Transportation. An Access Customer Services Coordinator can provide you with the most current information regarding the Access certification process. Please call 206-553-2000 to inquire.

Potential applicants complete a self-assessment form prior to receiving an application. Applications are co-signed by a health care professional. An in-person evaluation at Harborview Medical Center may be part of the determination process. This evaluation is conducted at no cost to you and free transportation is provided if needed. King County Metro Accessible Services will make a certification determination within 21 calendar days after we receive all information necessary to determine your eligibility.

Steps to Apply:

Free King County Transit Instruction

Free training is available to individuals with disabilities. Knowledgeable instructors, experienced with the King County Metro Transit and Sound Transit systems, provide the training. Participants travel with an instructor on the bus and/or light rail in King County until they are comfortable and capable of safe independent travel. Self-paced instruction is designed around the needs of each participant as they learn how to safely and independently travel to the destinations of their choice.

To make a training request: click here, or call: 206-749-4242 (WA Relay: 711)

*this service is especially useful for students who would like to learn how to ride metro independently from their house to school and back, or to a paid job.