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Admission Process

Transition Program Admission Process

Considerations for Program Entry

  • Student is connected with DDA services  (if applicable)
  • Student has a WA state ID
  • Meets disability criteria for SSI (apply on or before 18th birthday)
  • Guardianship has been set up (if applicable)
  • Acceptance from students & families of non-traditional schedules that are based upon individual student needs
  • Likely considered most significantly disabled by DVR
  • Likely post-school outcome of supported employment
  • Interest & ability to participate in community-based activities

Intake Process

IEP requirements:

  • All incoming students must have enrollment with the Transition Program reflected in their IEPs under “Course of Study”.
  • The graduation date should reflect the year they will leave public school (usually the year they turn 21)
  • The IEP must have it noted in a recent Prior Written Notice that the student will be attending the Transition Program.

Graduation: All incoming students will have an extended graduation date.  They can walk with their graduation class (per Kevin’s Law), but will not receive their diploma until they  exit from Evergreen Transition Program.

In-District Students

  1. Connection with Transition Program Coordinator: If a high school IEP team determines, based on data and evaluation input, that a student would benefit from attending the Transition Program after high school, the Special Ed. Teacher should connect family with the Transition  Program Coordinator to offer student & parents some preliminary info and offer a tour.  This could happen as early as sophomore year.
  2. An IEP meeting is then held (usually the annual review) to determine if student would benefit from the Transition Program in order to continue working on a functional coordinated set of activities, per their IEP, that supports their post-secondary goals in the areas of Education/Training, Employment, and Independent Living. The Transition Program Coordinator should be invited to that meeting to help the school team plan and answer any questions from family/student.
  3. All students coming need to complete the Transition Program enrollment packet spring of their senior year (email for a copy of this)

Out-of-District Students

  1. The BSD team will schedule an intake meeting with student and family (initiated by school psych). If Eval and IEP is active, the BSD school team will review documents to determine whether to accept as is or amend.  If Eval is expired, BSD will conduct new one.  If Eval is active but IEP is expired, BSD will create a new one based on the Eval. (if student is coming from a private placement, the family should contact to inquire about necessary paperwork)
  2. The Program Coordinator will be invited to the student’s IEP meeting senior year of high school (if possible).
  3. Student needs to complete the registration process at Interlake High School with the following forms:
  4. Student/Family need to complete the Transition Program Enrollment Packet (email for a copy of this)


Please direct any questions to: