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Evergreen Transition Program

Evergreen is a community-based instructional program that provides experiential learning opportunities for young adults with disabilities ages 18-21, to foster independence in the areas of employment, education/training, and life skills.

Contact Us

Interlake High School
16245 NE 24th Street
Bellevue, WA 98008

Phone Number: 
(425) 456-7331



We collaborate with students, families, caregivers, community partners, state agencies, and employment vendors. We are committed to recognizing each student’s unique strengths and abilities while allowing them to make decisions through self-determination. We realize the challenges associated with transitioning into adulthood can be overwhelming.  We strive to support and empower students, families and caregivers to be prepared and successful for the future.


In accordance with Washington Administrate Code (WAC) and the Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA), the Bellevue Evergreen Transition Program strives to prepare young adults (18-21) with disabilities, who have not yet graduated from high school, to lead a fulfilling future with positive post-secondary outcomes. The program is based on the individual student’s needs, while taking into account their strengths, preferences and interests. Students work on self-awareness, self-advocacy, and self-determination no matter what pathway they are on:  Employment, Higher Education, or Social/Recreational. While attending ETP, students and families are connected with appropriate adult services & agencies to help bridge the gap between school and adulthood.

Inclusion Champion of the Year

AtWork! has honored Bellevue School District as their 2019 Inclusion Champion of the Year. BSD has partnered with AtWork! for almost a decade to empower people with disabilities to be productive, integrated and contributing members of their communities. By focusing as much on the business’s needs as on the job seeker’s needs, AtWork! can strategize, design and create jobs that are valuable, meaningful and deliver a measurable benefit to everyone involved.

Supported Employment

While in the program, Evergreen staff help connect students (and families) with important agencies that will help support long-term services, such as DVR (Department of Vocational Rehab), DDA (Developmental Disabilities Administration, formerly known as DDD), and DSHS (Department of Social & Health Services). Students who meet DDA eligibility during their final year in the program have the opportunity to participate in King County’s School-To-Work Program (STW). Learn more…

Attendance Policy

The Evergreen Transition Program is separate from Interlake High School though located on Interlake campus. If your young adult needs to report an absence, please contact the classroom teacher directly. See classroom phone numbers below.

Map & Directions

Please check in at the main Interlake office before visiting the Evergreen Transition Program building.

Program Staff


*All phone numbers begin (425) 456-####