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High School Athletics

Athletics in High School

2023-24  Athletics and Activities 

Registration for high school sports and activities is open. Check your school’s Athletics and Activities site for requirements, registration, and contact information.

By participating in BSD Athletics students may be recorded by or

Athletic Director Health & Safety Update Archives

BSD Athletics & Activities Contacts and Information

 Location District Bellevue High Interlake High Newport High Sammamish High
Director Jeff Lowell John Hill Kyle McKenna Jesse Snyder Wes Newton
  425-456-4010 425-456-7038 425-456-7209 425-456-7413 425-456-7611
School Support/
Jessica Dowling
Kelli Mayer
Krystyn Higgins
Jennetta Blake
Andi Tomlinson
Website BSD Athletics BHS Wolverines IHS Saints NHS Knights SHS Redhawks

Registration Requirements

As easy as 1, 2, 3 … 4!

1. Registration is required and can be completed online via FinalForms. Go to the high school’s Athletics website (see links above) and click on the button: “Register for Athletics” which will take you the school’s registration instructions and the FinalForms webpage. Please note the following before registering online:

  • Registration must be completed by the parent or legal (court appointed) guardian of the student athlete.
  • Parents/guardians can find registration instructions in the Parent Playbook for FinalForms.
  • Parents/guardians can enter multiple students in one FinalForms session.
  • Students are required to complete a few forms in FinalForms using their district (BSD) email account as their user name. Students who are new to the district will not have access to their BSD email account until they are issued a BSD laptop. Students must conduct their initial log in to their account on a district device for security reasons. As long as the parent/guardian forms are completed and other requirements are met (see below), the student is clear to participate in sports. Students are expected to sign their forms as soon as they have access to their BSD email (within the first week of starting classes).
  • When you add or update information in FinalForms, you must also add/update that information in ParentVUE. (Likewise, if you update information in ParentVUE, you must update the information in FinalForms. The data bases are independent of each other.)

Register early! To ensure adequate time for the clearance process, student athletes will not be permitted to attend practice the same day as registration.

Choice Schools: Students who reside within Bellevue School District and attend one of the Bellevue School District “choice” schools will maintain athletic eligibility at the comprehensive high school serving the neighborhood in which they reside (attendance area school).

  • Students attending Big Picture School who do not reside in the Bellevue School District are eligible to compete for Sammamish High School.
  • Students attending International School who do not reside in the Bellevue School District are eligible to compete for Bellevue High School.

Private School or Home-Based Instruction: Students enrolled in private school or home-based instruction are eligible to participate in sports at their attendance area school and should complete the following enrollment steps:

1.  Complete Steps 1 – 3 at: BSD Student Enrollment where you will find additional enrollment details.
2.  Print and complete the BSD form: “Request for Part-Time Attendance or Ancillary Services”. For more info, go to BSD Student Placement – Home School & Part-Time Attendance.
3.  Prior to participation/tryouts, please bring all completed paperwork to the school’s main office and they will direct you to the Registrar for verification. Once you are registered, assigned a student ID number, and district e-mail account, you can register for sports and activities in FinalForms.

2.  ImPACT Testing must be completed and is included in the registration process as part of BSD’s concussion protocol. Student athletes must register for an ImPACT Test. At the beginning of each season, ImPACT Tests will be provided at each high school. Testing dates are scheduled by the Athletic Trainer and are on the school’s Athletic website and/or are communicated through email. Additional ImPACT testing information will be shared at Athletics Information Night. ImPACT Tests are valid for two (2) years. For more info on ImPACT Testing and Concussion protocols, go to BSD’s Athletics and Activities Department’s Concussion webpage.

3.  A current physical form must be on file for high school sports participation.

Physicals are valid for two (2) years.* To print and submit a physical form to the school:

  • Parents/guardians can go to FinalForms to register and complete the student’s medical information. Once the student data is entered, FinalForms will create a personalized Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (PPE)  form (also referred to as the Medical History and Physical Examination for High School Athletics).
  • Parents/guardians print the PPE form and have the student take the form to the medical exam appointment.
  • The physician, student, and parent sign the completed form and the student submits the form to the high school’s Athletics and Activities Department prior to participation.

*If sports physical scheduling is planned well, a student may only need to submit a sports physical twice during their high school athletic career. Multi-season athletes may be required to schedule three sports physicals during their high school career in order to be eligible for the entirety of all three seasons.

  • Athletes entering 9th grade who want to participate in sports that hold summer pre-season workouts in June such as football should schedule a sports physical for the month of May. This sports physical would be valid for two years and could be renewed again in the month of May two years aft.
  • Fall athletes entering 9th grade who will not participate in any summer activities should schedule their sports physical for July to early August. August is a very busy time for clinics so plan accordingly or schedule a July appointment.
  • Winter athletes entering 9th grade should schedule their sports physical for October to be prepared for the season and will require one renewal after two years.
  • Spring athletes entering 9th grade should schedule their sports physical for January to early February to be prepared for the season and will require one renewal after two years.

Medical insurance is also required. School insurance is available for a fee. Go to the Enrollment Form 2023-24 to register. Click below for details on Student Accident & Sickness Coverage:

Letter to Parents/Guardians about Student Insurance 2023-24

Letter to Parents/Guardians about Student Insurance 2023-24 -SPANISH

4.  All fees must be paid prior to student athlete competition. This includes paying the ASB Card fee, a school transportation fee (fee amounts vary), and a $100 program participation fee per sport (maximum $300 per individual/family per year). Every effort is made to ensure athletics programs are affordable for all students. All fees can be paid online through each high school’s main website. Note: Scholarships are available. Contact the high school for details.

Questions about BSD Athletics Programs, Registration or Eligibility?
Browse the BSD Athletics & Activities website for more details. For school specific questions, contact the high school Athletics & Activities Department (contact information is listed at the top of this page).

Academic Requirements

All student athletes are required to meet both the WIAA and BSD academic standards (see below for details). Grade checks are conducted three times each sports season to ensure all student athletes meet academic standards. Failure to meet these standards will result in the student athlete being suspended, which means they are ineligible for competition during a defined suspension period. Ineligible student athletes may attend and participate in practice, but not competition.

Students who attend school off campus such as International School, Bellevue Big Picture, Bellevue College Running Start, Private Schools, or Home Schooled are required to provide the school’s Athletic Director with a copy of their grades at the time grade checks are done.

WIAA Academic Standards (2)

  1. The student athlete must have passed six credit-bearing classes during the previous semester. Student athletes who do not meet this WIAA academic standard are ineligible for competition during the defined suspension period. (See links below for details.) To be reinstated for interscholastic competition, a student athlete must be passing six of their currently scheduled credit-bearing classes at the end of the defined suspension period. Otherwise, the student athlete will remain ineligible for competition until passing six of their currently scheduled credit-bearing classes.
  2. The student athlete must be passing six credit-bearing classes of the current semester. Student athletes who do not meet this WIAA academic standard are ineligible for competition until they are passing six of their currently scheduled credit-bearing classes.

Bellevue School District Academic Standard (1)

  1. The student athlete must maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA. Student athletes who do not meet this BSD academic standard are ineligible for competition during the defined suspension period. (See links below for details.) To be reinstated for interscholastic competition, a student athlete must be maintaining a minimum 2.0 current GPA in at least six currently scheduled credit-bearing classes at the end of the suspension period. Otherwise, the student athlete will remain ineligible for competition until maintaining a minimum 2.0 current GPA in at least six currently scheduled credit-bearing classes.
    Note: To ensure continued eligibility this standard must also be maintained at each subsequent grade check.

A student athlete may request a waiver for this BSD academic standard if unique or unusual circumstances resulted in a cumulative GPA less than 2.0. See the Athletic Director or high school counselor for details.

For specific dates and additional information on academic standards, grade checks, and suspension periods, etc., click the appropriate link below:

For the 2021-2022 School Year:

Bellevue School District Athletic Communication Guidelines

Click here for a printable copy.

Parents and coaches are two of the most important and significant role models in a student-athlete’s life. Therefore, clear communication between these individuals is essential. The guidelines listed below are intended to clarify school expectations for this vital relationship.

Communication Coaches and School Provide

  • The vision of the program the student-athlete is participating in
  • Expectations the coach has for your student-athlete and for the team
  • Team requirements (i.e. attendance, practice, and lettering standards, out-of-season training and conditioning, special equipment)
  • The procedure if a student-athlete is injured during participation
  • Disciplinary action that may result in a student-athlete being denied the right to participate
  • Ways parents can become involved in helping support the vision for the program and goals for the upcoming season.

Parent-Coach Communication
Before, during or after games is not the suitable time to voice concerns about your student-athlete to the
coaching staff. The head coaches will be glad to discuss issues regarding your son or daughter; this can be
done by a scheduled (in person, telephone or electronic) appointment. Appointments can be made by using
the contact information provided by the coach.

The Communication Process
When a problem, question or situation arises, it may be due to incomplete or inaccurate information. Therefore,
the operating procedure for your questions/issues/concerns directed to head the coach and/or the athletic
department is consistent with the Bellevue School District Policy and procedure 4220 (Complaints Concerning
Staff and Programs).

  1. The student-athlete goes directly to his/her coach to discuss the issue. This should be encouraged by the parent because this allows for meaningful dialogue to take place for both parties.
  2.  If there is further need for discussion, the student-athlete’s parent(s) will contact the coach to set up an appointment, typically with the student-athlete and the parent.
  3.  If, after meeting with the coach, the parent(s) and/or player do not feel the issue was satisfactorily resolved, then they may proceed to the next step by meeting with their Athletic Director.
  4. If, after meeting with the Athletic Director, the parent(s) and/or player do not feel the issue was satisfactorily resolved, then they may proceed to the next step by meeting with the principal.
  5. While e-mail has become an effective way to initiate contact, it is not the best way to resolve conflicts. Accordingly, e-mailing coaches to communicate issues and concerns in order to schedule an appointment is encouraged and appropriate. However, e-mail will not be used as a substitute for in-person communication.

Parent Expectations

  1. I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches and officials at every game, practice or other Bellevue High School athletic event.
  2. I will place the emotional and physical well-being of my child ahead of my personal desire to win.
  3. I will support the athletic director, coaches and officials working with my child, in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all.
  4. I will demand a sports environment for my child that is free from drugs, tobacco and alcohol and will refrain from their use at Bellevue High School events.
  5. I will remember that the game is for the student-athletes- not adults.
  6. I will do my very best to make athletic participation fun for my child.
  7. I will ask my child to treat other players, coaches, fans and officials with respect regardless of race, sex,
    creed or ability.
  8. I will help my child enjoy the athletic experience by being a respectful fan.
  9. I will help kids and their coaches by shouting from the sidelines only to applaud and encourage them. I will work with coaches to teach kids that the bad calls and good calls even out; in sports as in life. Similarly, I will help kids see that, in sports as in life, they will sometimes play well and lose, or play poorly
    and win. I realize the only sensible goals are to have fun and improve their skills. I will encourage kids to participate in sports for the enjoyment of the game.
  10. I have read this document and understand the expectations placed on me as a parent of a child involved in the athletic program at Bellevue High School and by signing this I also hereby approve my child’s participation in any scheduled competitions that may occur at other locations or schools outside the Bellevue School District during the regular or post-season as part of this participation.