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Field Trips

Field Trips, Excursions and Outdoor Education

BSD Policy 2320 and Procedure 2320P

Are you a teacher or activity advisor planning a field trip?

Teachers and activity advisors must adhere to an approval process and timeline when planning day trips and overnight/out of state field trips. BSD has defined the specific processes, forms, and approval required to successfully organize a field trip.

Get started here: Plan a Field Trip

If you have questions about field trips or the approval process, contact Jessica Dowling, Athletics & Activities School Support Coordinator, at or 425-456-4278.

Do you want to be a BSD school field trip volunteer?

Field trips provide enriching educational experiences for our students. Your school may ask for volunteers to chaperone specific day field trips and/or overnight/out of state field trips. To be eligible to chaperone a trip, you must complete an application form that will initiate a background check. Once the background check and volunteer training is complete, you will be able to chaperone a trip. These clearances are valid for three years and must be renewed to maintain eligibility to chaperone. Schools will train chaperones annually.

  • Parent/Guardian Chaperones for Day Trips should complete the Parent or Guardian Form. (This is most typical for elementary and middle school volunteers).
  • Parent/Guardian Chaperones for Overnight/Out of State field trips should complete the Athletics and Activities form.  (This is most typical for volunteers who support high school clubs and athletics that travel overnight.)
  • Community member chaperones for Day Trips and/or in school activities should complete the Community member form.
  • Community member chaperones for Overnight/Out of State field trips should complete the Athletics and Activities form.

Visit Become a Volunteer for general information about volunteering in the district.