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Associated Student Body (ASB)

The Bellevue School District adheres to Washington Association of School Business Officials (WASBO) guidelines to help promote best practices of school business management and educational resources.

Donations to Bellevue School District ASB

Bellevue Schools gratefully accept donations from PTSA’s, P- FO’s, and other citizens and nongovernmental agencies which will assist in the education of students. For more details, please see the following:

ASB Reports

ASB Resources: BSD Policies, WASBO, and WIAA

BSD Staff ASB SharePoint Site 

WASBO ASB Procedures Manual
Topics include:

  • Accounts Payable, Agencies and Groups Interested in ASB
  • Board of Directors’ Actions, Booster Clubs, Budgeting
  • Cash Handling, Constitutions/Student Involvement, Consultant/Contractual Service Agreement
  • Ethics
  • Fundraising – Charitable (Private Money)
  • Fundraising – General Fund
  • Gifts/Awards/Incentives
  • Imprest Fund Checking Accounts, Interest Earnings, Internal Control, Inventory
  • Outside School Support – PTA/PTSA
  • Purchasing
  • RCW’s, Records Retention, Refunds, Resources, Risk Management
  • Student Involvement, Student Stores
  • Ticket Sales, Travel
  • Vending Machines – District Managed, Vendor Managed
  • WAC’s

WASBO Associated Student Body (ASB) Questions and Answers
Questions include:

  • What is ASB?
  • How can ASB funds be used?
  • How are ASB monies accounted for and why are they audited by the State Auditor?
  • Why do we have to prepare an ASB budget?
  • Why must we deposit ASB money daily?
  • Can I use money in the student store cash register to cash my personal check or checks from district employees?
  • Why must we deposit ASB money in a Washington state bank?
  • When it is not appropriate for me, as a board member, to vote on spending?
  • Why do I have to keep all the old ASB records? And how do I know for how long?
  • How long do we have to keep our ASB adopted charter and/or bylaws?

WASBO info on What Auditors look for in Basic Fundraising Activities
A list of processes, items and/or actions for each phase of a fundraising activity including:

  • Before the Fundraiser (e.g. idea, approval, merchandise, supplies, etc)
  • During the Fundraiser (e.g. authorization, merchandise distribution, handling cash, receipts, deposits, etc.)
  • After the Fundraiser (e.g. surplus, inventory, reconciliation, profit analysis, vendor payment, etc.)

Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) Fund Guidelines
Associated Student Body.
Laws, Rules, Regulations for Washington State Schools Guidelines for School Administrators, Activity Advisors and Student Body Officers:

  • 10 Rules with WAC Definitions
  • 15 Rules for Booster Clubs
  • ASB Funds Tip Sheet
  • ASB Tips for New Advisors
  • ASB vs. Boosters – 10 Rules
  • Booster Clubs – Policies, Processes and Procedures
  • Common ASB Questions
  • General ASB Definitions & Audit Issues
  • General Concepts on the Use of ASB Funds

Other Helpful WASBO Manuals and Handbooks: