12111 NE 1st Street
Bellevue, WA 98005
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Dates & Times

July 5 – Aug 4, 2017

  • Mondays:
    6:30am – 6:30pm
  • Tuesday – Friday:
    8:00am – 4:00pm

Saturday, July 22, 2017
8:30am – 12:00pm

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District Office Entrance

Between July 5 and August 4, families will be able to establish their residency and submit required enrollment forms at the district office. Representatives from Special Ed, Gifted, ELL and Before & After School Programs will be available to meet with families as needed.

Summer enrollment is by appointment. Plan for at least one hour to complete your enrollment. Families without an appointment may walk in. However, please be advised that there may be an extended wait if you do not have an appointment.

Please answer the following questions so that we may learn how to best serve you and, if eligible, place you into the correct type of appointment.

Make an Appointment

Does your student currently live within the Bellevue School District attendance area? District Procedure 3120P requires that in order to attend a school in the Bellevue School District students must live in the District a minimum of 4 nights per week.

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