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Student Placement

The Student Placement Office manages a number of application processes including Open Transfer (formerly Open Enrollment), Transfer Request Waitlist, Request to Remain, Interdistrict Transfers, Intent to Home School and Home-Schooled or Private school student's Requests for Part-Time or Ancillary Services.

I Want To

Establish Residency

It is important that we verify proof of residency for all students. We review non-standard residency arrangements to ensure the district is in compliance with Washington state laws and that policies and procedures are implemented equitably.

Change My Address (Residency)

When a current BSD family moves, the parent/guardian must update their address using their ParentVUE account within five school days of the move.

Submit a Transfer Request

A parent/guardian may request that their student(s) be allowed to attend a school other than their assigned school based on their address (their attendance area school). Students who meet the requirements will be considered for transfer if adequate space is available at the proper grade level and if the requested school is able to serve the student’s needs.

Submit Declaration of Intent to Home School

Each parent whose child is receiving home-based instruction must file a Declaration of Intent to Home School by September 15 of the school year.

Request Part-Time Attendance

Students receiving home-based instruction or enrolled in private school are permitted to enroll and receive ancillary services, provided that such students are otherwise eligible for full-time enrollment in the school district and such courses or services are not available in the student’s private school or an approved extension.