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Community Advisory Groups


Phone Number:
(425) 456-4000

Email: communityrelations

2023 Community Advisory Group

The Bellevue School District has a long history of using Community Advisory Groups to engage with community members to provide opportunities for student, family, staff and community feedback and input on various issues facing the District. Community Advisory Groups are typically established by the Superintendent but may also be appointed by the School Board.

Every effort is made to ensure diverse and broad representation of the community (students, families, community members and staff), and these groups make recommendations to the Superintendent. Policy 4110 (PDF) and Procedure 4110P (PDF) provides operational guidance for these groups. Students, family members, community members and staff are encouraged to express their interest in serving on one or more of our community advisory groups by completing the Community Advisory Group application form.

Superintendent Community Advisory Council (S-CAC)

The Bellevue School District Superintendent Community Advisory Council was formed in September 2020 to engage a diverse set of voices in district budgeting and other foundational decisions. The 2023-24 Superintendent Community Advisory Council (SCAC) will advise the Superintendent on engaging the community in a deep and authentic way and will gather, synthesize and share community input throughout the study. SCAC will use the Middle School Enrollment and Potential Consolidation Study Process as a case study to design an equity centered roadmap for community engagement. It is important to note that the Council will focus on the community engagement process and will not be making any recommendations related to middle school enrollment.

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Strategic Plan Guiding Coalition

The BSD strategic planning process is guided by Policy 0150 (PDF).  As part of the community engagement process, the district will form a Strategic Plan Guiding Coalition comprised of students, families, staff, and community members to develop the district’s next 5-year Strategic Plan.  More information coming soon, will include other opportunities to be involved in the strategic planning process.

 View the 2024-29 Strategic Plan Design

Sustainability Community Advisory Group

The School Board adopted Policy 6811 (PDF) in April of 2023. The policy calls for the development of a District Sustainability Action Plan that includes goals and targets for sustainability based on four pillars of sustainability (district resources, environmental safety, collective understanding, and student voice). The Sustainability Advisory will provide feedback and recommendations on the District’s Sustainability Action Plan.

Read More About the Advisory Group
View The Sustainability Committee Page

Wellness Committee

The Healthy, Hungry Free Kids Act of 2010, requires community engagement through a wellness committee to advise the Superintendent and District leadership on nutrition education and promotion, physical activity and student wellness activities, and nutrition guidelines to promote student health.

Student Well-being Advisory

Policy 3112 (PDF) (Student Safety and Well-being) calls for the formation of a community advisory group to provide feedback and recommendations regarding the state of student safety and well-being and to advise the Superintendent and the Board when designing changes to safety and well-being policies, procedures, practices, investments, and programs.

 Well-Being Resources

Reimagining Middle School (RMS) Consultancy Board

Design Teams have begun to develop structures and practices that best serve the development of social, emotional, and academic skills of our middle level learners, specifically, planning for the successful implementation of Advisory/Homeroom and Problem-Based Learning. Proposals will be shared with the Superintendent and District leadership, by the end of the academic year. If you are interested in providing feedback along the way for our Advisory/Homeroom and/or Problem Based Learning Design Teams, consider serving on the Consultancy Board.

 Learn More About the RMS Consultancy Board

Equity Advisory and Advocacy Collaborative (EAAC)

The Equity Advisory and Advocacy Collaborative (EAAC) provides advice to the Superintendent and District leadership on issues of equity and the implementation of Policy 0130 (PDF) – Equity and Accountability (Spanish) (Simplified Chinese) (Traditional Chinese).

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Family Advisory Committee

The Bellevue School District is developing a Family Advisory Committee to represent the diverse voices of families we serve. Members of this committee will participate in developing long-term practices of inclusion and representation of the diverse communities in our system.

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Spanish Language Program Advisory Committee (SLPAC)

The Spanish Language Program Advisory Committee (SLPAC) is a group of parents/legal guardians of children who are currently enrolled in the Spanish Dual Language and Spanish Immersion programs in grades kindergarten through 12th.