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Become a Board Member


King County Elections

Washington Secretary of State

Washington State School Directors’ Association

Public Disclosure Commission

Role of School Board Director

The Bellevue School Board of Directors is made up of five community members, one from each geographic region of the district. Board members are elected to their district positions for a term of four years by the community at large.

The Board provides overall governance of the Bellevue School District.  It fulfills the following functions:

  • Responsible governance
  • Creating conditions for student and staff success
  • High expectations for student learning
  • Accountability for student learning
  • Community Engagement

The Board employs and empowers a professional staff of administrators led by a strong superintendent of schools to carry out the district’s daily functions and to pursue its short and long range goals.


Candidates for school board must be:

  • Citizen of the United States of America
  • Legal resident of Washington State
  • At least 18 years old by election day
  • Registered to vote within the Bellevue School District attendance area
  • Registered to vote within the director district they wish to represent

Neither a Board member nor his/her spouse or interdependent family members may be employed by the school district, except when the Board member’s spouse was employed by the district before the election or appointment to the Board.

Director Districts

Each board member in the Bellevue School District represents one of five geographic regions. It is a requirement that a Bellevue board member be registered to vote within the area they represent.

View the geographic regions map (PDF)

Becoming a Candidate

Candidates who are interested in running for a school board position must file a Declaration of Candidacy with the King County Elections office during the filing period.

The filing period begins the Monday two weeks before Memorial Day and ends the following Friday. There is no filing fee for school board positions.

For step-by-step instructions, please refer to King County’s Candidate Manual.

IMPORTANT: The State of Washington requires all candidates and elected officials to a file a financial disclosure statement and report all campaign finances to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission (PDC).

Candidate Training

The Washington State School Directors’ Association (WSSDA) provides training and support to school directors. WSSDA offers workshops for school board candidates across the state. Registration is free, but required. For the full list of workshops, visit WSSDA’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does the School Board meet?

Board meetings are typically held the first and third Thursdays of each month, from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m. On Mondays of Board meetings, the Board holds a special session from 2:00 – 3:15 p.m. for questions on materials on the upcoming Board meeting agenda and for Board planning. The schedule is subject to change, most often during school breaks.

What is the time commitment to be a board member?

In additional to Board meetings including special sessions (approximately 5 hours each month), Board members spend an average of 10-15 additional hours per month on study and participation in other functions, such as school visits, community meetings and graduation exercises. Prospective candidates are encouraged to contact a member of the current Board of Directors to ask what the experience is like and what is involved to receive direct information.

How long is a school board member’s term?

School Board members are elected to a term of four years.

What is the primary election process?

Primary elections are used to narrow the field of candidates before the general election. The primary election is held on the first Tuesday of August. However, if no more than two people file for a board position, there is no primary election for that position.

What are the general election procedures?

The general election is held on the first Tuesday that follows the first Monday in November. After the county elections officer certifies the elections results, the newly elected Board member(s) take office at the next official board meeting.

How are vacancies filled when a Board member leaves prior to the end of his or her term?

In case of a Board vacancy, the remaining Board members will appoint someone to fill the vacancy until the next regularly scheduled Board election, at which time a director will be elected for the unexpired term, if any. Applications for the vacancy will be posted on the district website. Interviews of candidates will take place during a meeting open to the public.