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A Day of Champions

A Day of Champions

On Friday, May 31, 2024, the Bellevue School District held its inaugural Day of Champions track and field event for students with special needs attending kindergarten through eighth grade. This free event took place at Interlake High School and brought together volunteers, sponsors, students, community partners and members from the City of Bellevue.

Day of Champions-student
Day of Champions student
Day of Champions student

“The community has been so supportive, and I am so grateful they believed in our vision for this event”

-- Stated Heather McLean, Interlake High School PACIFIC Program Special Education Teacher and Day of Champions Event Coordinator.

The Day of Champions event provides an opportunity for students to participate in various athletic activities, fostering inclusion, fun and a sense of accomplishment. Student participants took part in modified events including a 50-meter run, walk or roll dash, obstacle course, modified hurdles, throwing events and more. The event began with a parade of champions and concluded with lunch, the awarding of medals and field dancing.

“This started for us when Rob Houser, a parent in our community, wondered if BSD would consider holding a Day of Champions event, like they do in other districts. We were immediately supported by district administrators as we all recognize the need to provide recreational opportunities for our students with significant needs. I am excited to be part of the planning of this event and hope it is the first of many events like this for years to come!”

-- Jen Strehle, Bellevue School District Special Education Program Coordinator

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