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Reimagining Middle School Steering Committee Archive

2022-2023 RMS Archive

Level 1: This team will be committed to the process of Reimagining Middle School.

  • Participating in the meetings
  • Gathering other perspectives and reporting back to school
  • Being the champion of the work
  • Commitment to the whole process
  • Being a team player

Level 2: This team will provide feedback as work progresses.

  • Join some of the meetings
  • Assist in gathering other perspectives and reporting back
  • Provide feedback and new ideas
  • Gathering data/information


Members serve one-year terms from September 2022 to June 2023

One to two meetings per month on Thursdays.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Reimagining Middle School (RMS) Committee is:

  • Charged with providing input and recommendations to the Superintendent.
  • Encouraged to communicate and share their work and thinking with their own networks.
  • Invited to identify members who can pro-actively liaise with other groups to foster communication and collaboration.
  • Asked to commit time to reading and preparation in between meetings.

The Reimagining Middle School (RMS) Committee is not charged with implementing changes in the district, including determining or executing procedural or policy changes.

The chair or co-chairs will provide periodic updates to the Board of Directors as directed by the Superintendent.

The Superintendent will consider the Committee’s input and recommendations.

Meeting Schedule

All meetings will be scheduled 4:30-6:00 p.m.

2022-2023 Steering Committee Members


  • Wen LaCasse, Tillicum Parent
  • Courtney Baxtron, Odle Parent
  • Valeri Makam, Tyee Parent
  • Anissa Bashey, Highland Parent
  • Gaurav Malhotr, Chinook Parent


  • Sahaj, High School Student
  • Hasini, Odle Student
  • Diego, Tillicum Student
  • Noelle, Tillicum Student
  • Ishaan, High School Student

  • Giovanni, Highland Student


  • Dan Sakaue, Advanced Learning Odle Teacher
  • Gabe Adams, Tyee Teacher

  • Tori Knight, Highland Teacher
  • Thea Clarkson, Highland Teacher
  • Scott Gregorich, Chinook Teacher


  • Devonia Bryant, Tillicum Principal
  • Danielle S Virata, Odle Assistant Principal
  • Susan Thomas, Principal

  • James Peterson, Chinook Principal


  • Kalena Crafton, Odle Literacy Coach
  • Jessi Cassidy, Tyee Paraeducator
  • Mariela Stockdale, Highland Graduation Success Coach
  • Susie Challancin, Chinook ITCL
  • Mathew Wright, BHS ITCL
  • Darren Downs, Secondary MTSS Coach

Central Office:

  • Melisa Macias, Teaching and Learning Director
  • Wendy Powell, Social Emotional Curriculum Developer
  • Anna Van Windekens, Research Scientist
  • Nellie Pogosian, Dual and Multilanguage Curriculum Developer
  • Tom Duenwald, Director of Educational Technology
  • Regen Lorden, BEA Vice-president
  • Gargi Trichel, Communication & Engagement Specialist

Extensive Stakeholder Engagement

The work of the committee will be augmented by one-on-one interviews and focus groups with other stakeholders and constituents.  Findings from these intake sessions will be shared with the committee during the course of their regularly scheduled meetings.

Stakeholder Updates

Reimagine Middle School Stakeholder Update November 2022 (PDF)

Reimagine Middle School Stakeholder Update January 2023 (PDF)

Reimagine Middle School Stakeholder Update February 2023 (PDF)

Data & Stakeholder Engagement

Listening Campaign #2 (March)