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Reimagining Middle School Steering Committee

The Reimagining Middle School (RMS) Committee was developed to make suggestions for a “reimagined” middle school model that is based on research and co-designed with stakeholders.

Overall project goal:

Our goal is to serve the developmental, social-emotional, and academic needs of middle school students by engaging students, families, and staff in restructuring the BSD middle school experience.

Project deliverables:

Our team will develop implementation plans for Advisory/Homeroom and Problem Based Learning that are informed by research and stakeholder engagement and that phase in changes over time and through a thoughtful, well-defined, realistic piloting and evaluation process.

Why is this important?

The middle school years represent an opportunity for young people to find their voice, discover and develop their interests, and develop longstanding relationships. This effort will imagine a new kind of middle school where young people engage in innovative, personalized learning experiences, both in and out of school, to capitalize on and build their cognitive and social emotional capabilities. We have an opportunity to improve the school culture, build more trusting relationships with students, and empower them to take greater ownership of their learning.

Together, we can create a dynamic and powerful force to advance new ways of thinking about how our BSD students will experience middle school.


The Design Members will be responsible for a variety of tasks, including drafting structures and systems to support Advisory/Homeroom and Problem-Based Learning, determining professional development needs for teachers, and working with community partners to provide additional resources and support. For more information, please visit this page.

The Consultancy Board will provide feedback to help ensure a thoughtful, well-defined, realistic piloting and evaluation process. Join us by completing this interest form. For more information, please visit this page.

2023-2024 Steering Committee Members:


RMS Project Lead: Melisa Macias

Design Team Lead/Curriculum Developer: Wendy Powell


  • Scott Backus (Tyee)
  • Andy Colleran (Tillicum)
  • Tracey Williams (Tillicum)
  • Stacia Neal (Odle)
  • Brendan Schimpf (Big Picture)

Behavior Intervention Tech: Jessi Cassidy (Tillicum)


  • James Peterson (Chinook Principal)
  • Benito Levario, Jr. (Highland AP)
  • Susie Q Challancin (Chinook Dean of Students / Admin. Intern)

Counselor: Ayana Carroll (Odle)

ITCLs (Instructional Technology Curriculum Leaders):

  • Eric Sieberson
  • Kalena Crafton


  • Courtney Baxtron
  • Beka Anardi


  • Chase, Chinook student
  • Keira, Tyee student

Problem Based Learning

RMS Project Lead: Melisa Macias

Design Team Leader/ Director: Tom Duenwald


  • Jeff Holzhauer (Tyee)
  • Taylor Tillotson (Odle)
  • Greg Clouse (Odle)
  • Julie Metz (Chinook)
  • Manar Chaaban (Digital Discovery)

ITCLs (Instructional Technology Curriculum Leaders):

  • Mathew Wright
  • Amy Yaeger
  • Alicia Kallay

Curriculum developers:

  • Mark Wilbert
  • Alysa Palma
  • Amber Snapke

Paraeducator: Laura Rinehart

Administrator: Genisha Wea

Industry: Carlos Villavieja


  • Ishaan, BHS student
  • Rishita, NHS student
  • Sahaj, SHS student
  • Evan, Chinook student

Member Term:

Members serve one-year terms from August 2023 to June 2024

Design Team Meeting Schedule:

Extensive Stakeholder Engagement:

The work of the committee will be augmented by one-on-one interviews and focus groups with other stakeholders and constituents. Findings from these intake sessions will be shared with the committee during the course of their regularly scheduled meetings.

Consultancy Board Meeting Schedule

RMS Proposal and Final Report

RMS Design Teams and Consultancy Board

Final Recommendation – Spring 2024

RMS Final Recommendation (PDF)