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Emergency Closures

In the event of an emergency, the district may use one of the following schedules:

While we do our best to make decisions to keep all students safe, conditions may vary throughout the district. Please take into consideration your personal situation and make the appropriate decision to keep you and your student safe. Learn more about the district’s emergency closure decision making process.

 Check these places to find out if the district is on an emergency schedule:

Metro Service During Snow Days

All high schools, Bellevue Big Picture and International School use Metro. During periods of poor weather, Metro will attempt to maintain service according to their regular schedule — even if school is to start late. Please listen to messages and have alternative means arranged to get to and from school if poor weather is present or predicted.

Emergency Closure Decision Making

Collecting Information and Examining Conditions

To help make the best decision possible, the Bellevue School District gathers information. This begins will Transportation staff and school leadership monitoring conditions in the early morning hours, which includes driving higher elevations in Bellevue starting at approximately 4:00 a.m. If conditions at that time are safe for buses, a normal start time is decided. If not, a delay or closure is announced. When snow is forecasted, custodians are asked to report to work early so that they can report on conditions and begin maintaining grounds according to the plans the Facilities department has outlined for each school. When needed, personnel are mobilized at school sites to help keep traffic flow safe and address slick areas as appropriate.

Determining What is Best for the Entire District

There are three options available:

  • Leave schools open

  • Late start (1 or 2 hours)

  • Close schools

Late starts are utilized when conditions are marginal, and the additional time and daylight make it easier for students to get to school safely.

For communication and administrative reasons, it is not possible to close just some schools in the district while leaving other schools open for districtwide weather events. Decisions on opening status must be the best one for the safety of students in all areas of the district while at the same time avoiding unnecessary disruption.

Alerts from the district will include information about excused tardies – when significant weather impacts our community, we will inform families that all late arrivals will be excused so that families feel empowered and supported to make choices that are best for your circumstances.

Making Decisions

The superintendent makes the final decision after receiving information from departments. If there is a closure or late start, staff begin communicating to inform families, students and teachers. The district utilizes SchoolMessenger, social media and our website. We will also inform media outlets.

Families can and should make decisions that are unique to their situation. If conditions specific to your neighborhood or home make travel unsafe, please delay the arrival or your student. Inform your school of your decision so that school staff can monitor the well-being of all our students.

Visit our Emergency Closures page for more information.