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Read an important message from the Superintendent regarding a pause in the consideration of a middle school consolidation.

The Bellevue School District will utilize the Critical Criteria process for equity driven decision making and will use design-thinking to collectively define priorities, barriers, and constraints; develop potential solutions; and evaluate the extent to which the final recommendation furthers equity and belonging. The Critical Criteria Questions for Equity-Driven Decision Making below will guide the process:

  • History demonstrates there are clear academic, emotional and social inequities experienced by students, families and staff who have been minoritized. What efforts have been made to understand this history from speaking to those who experienced it directly and indirectly to ensure an equitable decision and outcome?
  • Who are the racial, ethnic and historically marginalized groups impacted by this decision and what are the potential impacts they may face?
  • How have you included the lived experiences of those you do not typically consider and those you believe will be most impacted by this decision?
  • What are the barriers (things you can work around) and constraints (things you cannot change) to advancing racial equity, access, and inclusion, and how will you address them?
  • Prior to making this decision, how did you engage those most impacted by the decision, and evaluate the extent to which the decision furthers equity and belonging?


Equity-Centered Design Thinking Phases

Empathize – Understand the demographers’ data. What are our community’s needs, concerns, interests and priorities around a potential middle school consolidation?

Define – Collectively define the problem we are solving and opportunities we can address. What is our vision for the solution? Share perspectives, concerns, hopes and priorities.

Ideate – Aligned to our vision, what ideas do we have to solve the problem? What priorities will the Superintendent consider in his recommendation?

Prototype – Check for understanding. Do the priorities align with those of our historically marginalized students and families? What about with those of the larger community?

Test – How does the Superintendent’s recommendation reflect the community’s interests and priorities? How does it elevate priorities of our historically marginalized students and families?

Community Engagement

The 2023-24 Superintendent Community Advisory Council (SCAC) is representative of our diverse community (students, families, community members and staff) and will utilize the equity-driven decision making process referenced above to advise the Superintendent and his Cabinet on engaging the community in a deep and authentic way.

The first phase of community engagement will begin with equitable and targeted outreach and a community forum at each of our five comprehensive middle schools (Chinook, Highland, Odle, Tillicum and Tyee) in October 2023, where participants can review the demographers’ findings and discuss the implications. Visit the Middle School Consolidation Timeline webpage for a detailed list of community engagement opportunities.