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2024 – 2025 School Year Draft Budget Parameters

Each year brings a different context to budgeting. The following are parameters supported by the School Board to guide the district in developing the 2024 – 2025 school year’s budget, including how to approach budget reductions.

Prioritize Each & Every Student

  • Prioritize students and their educational experience; start with cuts furthest from the classroom
  • Protect the district’s strategic priorities, moving funds from other areas as needed
  • Maintain equitable support, services, and opportunities to continue to close opportunity gaps and deliver on our Equity and Accountability commitments.

Reduce Expenditures

  • Find ways to reduce the budget by $10 million through efficiencies and trimming, versus elimination of programs or services
  • Maintain consistent and predictable operations and services, while improving efficiency

Increase Revenue

  • Advocate for regionalization of the local levy during this year’s short legislative session
  • Build on the educational excellence of BSD to retain and attract students
  • Partner with community partners, including the Bellevue Schools Foundation and the City of Bellevue, to increase revenue through community donations
  • Pursue additional funding opportunities locally as well as creative opportunities for cost-sharing, cost-cutting, increased efficiencies, and revenue generation.

Plan for the Long-Term

  • Stabilize our long-term financial picture
  • End the 2024 – 2025 school year with at least $21.5 million in general fund reserves
  • Allocate resources to successfully launch the new strategic plan, including investing in new and innovative opportunities, using an intentional, multi-year, budget-responsible approach to program investments
  • Develop a plan to address district structural issues that result in budget deficits