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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated March 14, 2024

Why is BSD getting new websites?

BSD’s district and school websites are being moved to a new platform and being redesigned to create a new and improved website experience, making each website “communications central” for district and school resources and information.

This project is part of the continued work to improve communications at BSD, an extension of the recommendations offered through an audit by the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA). The new websites will strive to provide equitable access to district and school information for each and every member of the BSD community, with an emphasis placed on mobile user experience, internal search, accessibility, and language access. Stakeholders across the BSD learning community will be engaged throughout this project to gain diverse perspectives and help inform decisions.

How long will the project take?

The new website project will take place approximately over the course of one year, with a tentative launch date in April 2024. Learn more on the New Website Timeline webpage.

How and when will BSD share information about this project?

The New BSD Websites webpage will serve as a hub for information related to this project. Information will also be shared directly with the BSD learning community through direct emails, regular district newsletters and social media. Reports will be shared with district administration and the superintendent to document project progress and community engagement. Project updates and milestones will also be documented on the Project Timeline and Updates webpage as they become available.

How can the BSD learning community participate in the redesign process and share feedback?

A districtwide survey will be conducted in March and April 2023, offering an opportunity for families, staff, students and community members to share what they want and need from BSD websites. Additionally, focus groups will take place in April 2023 with an opportunity for our learning community to share their insights, specific needs, and detailed opportunities for improvement regarding BSD’s websites. Additional opportunities for feedback will be shared with the BSD community throughout the project.

Why was the website vendor chosen?

BSD’s new website vendor, Finalsite Inc, is a trusted in the educational sphere and with school districts across the globe. They are committed to partnering with BSD on websites that are easy to navigate and enable the district to share the stories of our community.

How will BSD ensure equity and accountability throughout this project and after the deployment of new websites?

Per BSD Policy No. 0130 Equity and Accountability and Procedure 0131P, a Critical Criteria Review was conducted to consider the impacts of new websites on all groups in the BSD learning community. The Critical Criteria Review included the development of a project design that would engage stakeholders, mitigate potential risks, and monitor progress throughout.

Will the new websites be translatable?

Yes. Finalsite offers technology that will enable every website to be translated into many languages, aligning with BSD Policy 4218 Language Access Plan. More details about the features and instructions on how to access them will be shared once the new websites are launched.

Will the new websites offer accessibility features?

Yes. Finalsite offers features to enable the district websites to be fully accessible to individuals with disabilities and meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards. More details about the features and instructions on how to access them will be shared once the new websites are launched.