Activity Bus Routes

Please note that all activity stop times may vary considerably depending on student ridership and heavy traffic.

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Regular Bus Routes

Stop DescriptionAM RouteAM TimePM RoutePM TimeWed. Time
128TH AV SE & SE 59TH ST0507:14 AM0502:54 PM01:44 PM
SE 60TH ST & 123RD AV SE(WEST SIDE OF CROSSWALK)0507:16 AM0502:56 PM01:46 PM
SE 48TH ST & 118TH AV SE0507:21 AM0503:00 PM01:50 PM
**163RD AV SE & SE 42ND PL0807:04 AM0803:08 PM01:58 PM
**SE 63RD ST & 155TH AV SE0807:12 AM0803:01 PM01:51 PM
**147TH AV SE & SE 63RD ST(L)0807:15 AM0802:59 PM01:49 PM
SE 60TH ST & 146TH AV SE(L)0807:17 AM0802:57 PM01:46 PM
SE 60TH ST & 145TH AV SE(L)0807:18 AM0802:56 PM01:45 PM
SE 60TH ST & 143RD PL SE(L)0807:19 AM0802:55 PM01:45 PM
SE 60TH ST & 138TH PL SE(L)0807:20 AM0802:52 PM01:42 PM
**WB LK WA BLVD SE/120TH AV SE0907:18 AM0902:52 PM01:42 PM
**EB NEWPORT SHORES EXIT0907:20 AM0902:53 PM01:43 PM
5468 LK WA BLVD SE1007:13 AM1002:58 PM01:48 PM
LK WA BLVD SE & SE 59TH ST1007:14 AM1002:57 PM01:47 PM
SE 60TH ST & 118TH AV SE1007:17 AM1002:55 PM01:45 PM
117TH AV SE & SE 52ND ST1007:20 AM1002:52 PM01:42 PM
**158TH AV SE & SE 46TH WY1107:10 AM1103:05 PM01:55 PM
**SE 48TH DR & 151ST AV SE1107:13 AM1103:01 PM01:50 PM
5530 HIGHLAND DR1107:19 AM1102:52 PM01:42 PM
5255 HIGHLAND DR @ PARK(2-LANE)1107:20 AM1102:54 PM01:43 PM
HIGHLAND DR & 147TH PL SE1107:23 AM1102:57 PM01:47 PM
131ST AV SE & SE 66TH ST1207:10 AM1203:05 PM01:52 PM
EB FOREST DR SE & 135TH PL SE1207:17 AM1202:53 PM01:42 PM
EB FOREST DR SE & 138TH AV SE1207:19 AM1202:55 PM01:44 PM
EB FOREST DR SE & 142ND AV SE1207:21 AM1202:56 PM01:45 PM
WB FOREST DR SE & 142ND AV SE1207:24 AM1202:59 PM01:48 PM
SOMERSET DR SE & SE 53RD ST1207:27 AM1202:51 PM01:41 PM
SE 56TH ST & 123RD AV SE1707:11 AM1702:53 PM01:43 PM
SE 47TH ST & 123RD AV SE1707:13 AM1702:55 PM01:45 PM
SE 52ND ST & 125TH AV SE1707:15 AM1702:57 PM01:47 PM
*Limited stops are used only in emergency situations when a bus may not be able to complete the normal route. In the event that we use limited routes, a message will be posted on the Bellevue School District homepage.