September 2, 2014 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL 2014-15

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At Spiritridge you will find an exceptional community where students, staff and the community work together to help every student maximize his/her learning and ensure each and every student reaches academic success. You will find an incredibly talented staff who put student learning first. One of our goals is to provide students with academically rigorous instruction and learning opportunities so they will continue to demonstrate measurable growth.  As a community, we strive to nurture our children by modeling and expecting respect. Another goal is to teach our students the attitudes, behaviors, and skills to support them in leading a positive and productive life.

Our culture and expectation at Spiritridge is:

• To provide academically rigorous, meaningful, challenging experiences for ALL students.
• To provide a safe and civil atmosphere where students, staff and the community model and expect respect at all times.
• To use ongoing assessments to inform instructional decisions to meet the needs of ALL learners and to ensure academic growth for all.
• To be united as one excellent cohesive school CommUNITY.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you as a Panther!

Alexa Allman

Spiritridge Daily Schedule:

Morning Bells:
9:00 1st Bell
9:05 Tardy Bell/Instruction begins
*Note: we highly recommend District transportation to ensure students arrive on time.

11:10-11:30-11:50: 1st Lunch/Recess  (2G/5)
11:15-11:35-11:55: 1st Recess/Lunch (2/3G)
12:05-12:25-12:45: 2nd Lunch/Recess (K/3&4)
12:10-12:30-12:50: 2nd Recess/Lunch (1/4G)

Afternoon recesses:
1st RECESS: 1:45-2:05 1/K/3&4
2nd RECESS: 2:10-2:30 4G/2(all)
3rd RECESS: 2:30-2:50 3G/5

Afternoon bells:
11:45 ½ day Kindergarten Dismissal
1:10 Wednesday Dismissal
3:30: Dismissal

Office hours

  • Regular daily hours: 8:30-4
  • Wednesday early closing: 1:30 

Attendance is critical and vital to student success. Please make sure your child is present each day. The only 'excused' days per the District policy include. Please note: Vacations are not on the list following.

~Illness or medical emergency (in some cases a doctor’s note will be required
~Family emergency
~Established special days on a religious calendar
~Pre-arranged medical or dental appointment (a doctor’s note may be required)
~Pre-arranged school sponsored activity (i.e. fieldtrip)

 Main Office

Phone: 425.456.5900
Fax: 425.456.5967

Office Hours: 
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM 

Contact Information

Alexa Allman, Principal 

Susan Webster, Assistant Principal

Linda Porter, Office Manager


Spiritridge strives to create a nurturing environment which supports all students in becoming successful and well prepared through rigorous and challenging experiences.

Report an Absence

Call: 425-456-5901

Important Dates

Spirit Week
June 16-20 (See below for details)

Spelling Bee 
June 17 9:15-11:15

5th Grade Ceremony  
June 18 7:00 PM @ Spiritridge

5th grade Party, PTSA/School-sponsored 
June 19 10:45-1:15

Academic Challenge Assembly
June 20 10:00

Field Day  
June 20 1:45-3:30

June 23 9:05-11:05 (regular transportation for students provided)

June 23

MONDAY: Sports Day
TUESDAY: Pajama Day
WEDNESDAY: Backwards Day
THURSDAY: Crazy Hat/Hair Day
FRIDAY: Spiritridge Spirit Day