Gifted High School Program (GHSP)

In the Gifted High School Program (GHSP), students of exceptionally high academic and intellectual ability are grouped in a cohort in the core areas of English, history, science and math. Placement in each area is based on knowledge and skill level.  In grades 10 & 11 students enroll in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program with the goal that they complete IB degrees at the end of the 11th grade The 12th grade curriculum includes internships, independent studies, research projects and college classes.

The Bellevue School District Gifted High School Program (GHSP) is the final piece in the Bellevue School District 2-12 gifted program. The GHSP was formed with the intention of providing a four-year high school experience that allows students with exceptionally high academic ability to be appropriately challenged while maintaining a balanced extra-curricular life. To find out more, visit our website dedicated to the GHSP.

Entry Criteria

A Bellevue School District Gifted Programs Selection Committee will make program placement recommendations for students indicating a need for gifted services through standardized assessments of cognitive ability and specific academic achievement, district assessment performance, progress reports, information from teachers, parents and others.

  • Recommended Standard Age Score of 144 (99.7th percentile) on the Cognitive Abilities Test and at least 90th percentile on Reading and Quantitative with one of those scores at 97th percentile or above.

Current Middle School Prism Program and GMSP students transition automatically into the Gifted High School Program at Interlake High School. 



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