We’re building a new elementary school! Opening fall 2018, Wilburton Elementary will draw students from Enatai, Clyde Hill and Woodridge attendance areas. Learn More See Attendance Area

WebQuery School Finder
Open WebQuery School Finder

The WebQuery School Finder helps you determine the schools a student is eligible to attend and the available bus stops. Follow these steps to find your home school:

In the STREET ADDRESS field, enter your house number and street. You do not need to enter the city or zip code.

School Finder - Address

Choose the appropriate grade from the GRADE menu and click GO. The alpha grades are defined as follows:

  • PA / KA = Morning Preschool / Morning Kindergarten
  • PP / KP = Afternoon Preschool / Afternoon Kindergarten
  • PK / KK= All Day Preschool / All Day Kindergarten

School Finder - Grade

The following page will show your home school in addition to choice schools and special programs. The ELIGIBILITY DESCRIPTION column will let you know if you are eligible for transportation services for each school.

School Finder - Results

WebQuery uses specific abbreviations for some street names. Consult the Unique Street List if you are having trouble entering an address.

Attendance Area Maps
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Individual Attendance Area Maps:

Elementary Schools

Choice Schools

In addition to neighborhood schools, we offer a selection of Choice Schools that any student in the district may attend after an application process. Each of our Choice Schools offer a unique approach to learning. Learn more…