2017-2018 CLUBS    
Video ClubEnvironmental WarriorsArt ClubJournalism ClubAnime Club
Room 345Room 227Room 305Room 611Room 229
RoboticsKey ClubHot Glass ClubHomework ClubFrench Club
Room 143Room 310Hot Glass StudioLibraryRoom 115
Campus Connect - 2nd & 4th weekHomework ClubOpen GymHip Hop Club
3:35-4:20p Ms.KrauseLibraryLower GymAtrium
Psychology Club - Beckerman3:35p1:30p3:35p
Room 212
Hip Hop ClubDECA - every other WedsLatino Heat
S.O.A.R.AtriumRoom 110Room 308
Room 315 - every other Monday3:35p1:30p3:45-6:00p
Crypto Club - BrightLatino HeatBlack Student UnionConservation Club
Room 110 - 7:30aRoom 308Room 308Room 327
3:45 - 6:00p1:30-2:30p7:30-8:00a
Anti-Bully - 1st Tuesday of the monthLGBTQ+
Room 101Room 212
National Honor Society (invited only)
1st Tuesday of month
Conservation Club - Flikkema
Ms. Youmans Room 131Room 327 - every other Weds
Class of 2018Andi Tomlinson
Class of 2019Ian Duncan
Class of 2020Rachel Pinter
Class of 2021Mitch Leffler