Does your student want to participate in Patrulla?

Estimados Padres de Familia:

Please speak with your 4th or 5th grader about participating in Patrulla (Patrol). This is a great opportunity to offer service to our school.

Included is an FAQ for parents, an information sheet for students, and the application – all of which should help with that decision.

WE WILL MAKE TEAMS BY THE END OF SEPTEMBER after they read the requirements and hand in their application.


Patrol Supervisors:

Sra. Duimovic y Profe. Ana Alfonso


FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Puesta del Sol Safety Patrol (Patrulla)


  1. Who can participate? Only 4th and 5th grade students may participate. Students must be good behavior role-models that not only uphold the school rules while not on duty but also help other students remember how to keep safe. Students who take the bus may also participate.


  1. When do students start patrolling? We would like students to be ready to “roll” by early October.


  1. How are the teams made? The student make-up is done according to their homeroom teacher, so not any one classroom is missing a huge chunk of students. The teams also have students who drive in and those who ride the bus (students who ride the bus can serve during the time they have to help make the school safe).If you are planning a carpool, please alert via email and accommodations will be attempted. These teams are for work only; friendships will not be given priority.


  1. What is the patrol schedule? Each team will rotate every other week: TEAM1, TEAM2, TEAM1, TEAM2, etc. Their service is daily: before and after school shifts for one week. All patrolling students are responsible for obtaining their sub (from a different team than their own) for any absence (unless we have enough to cover the position). A list of phone numbers will be provided as soon as they can be obtained from families and compiled into teams.


Before school: AM shift from 8:45am to 9:00am (Those arriving later can still do their service)


At first bell: 9:00                               15 min.

  • patrols leave their post
  • return their patrol uniform until the pm shift
  • pick up their backpacks from the designated area for patrols
  • promptly get to class

Patrols will be expected to arrive to class a few minutes after 9:05am. Teachers will know who their patrol students are and it is important that patrols respect their classroom rules and start time. Abuse of transition time will result in warnings and possible release from patrol duty.

After school: PM shift from 3:30-3:40pm.

  • Students will exit with belongings from class@3:30pm        
  • Leave their items at the designated area for patrols.
  • Report with uniform and materials to their post.
  • Patrol until buses leave and bodies are sparse 3:40p.m.
  1. Where and how do they patrol? In the common areas, breezeways/walkways only. Patrol will be where students walk to help keep them safe and remind them to walk to class and lineup. They are safety guards – NOT POLICE OFFICERS. They are respectful and kind. NO BOSSING. Their presence helps students remember the rules. They will NOT be crossing guards!
  2. How are the patrol supervised? Students will have a supervisor-teacher in the AM and PM for a few minutes as they collect or return uniform and materials. While on duty, patrol will only be in the common areas and breezeways by a pod. Patrol supervisors, teachers and other support staff will be close by and the principal also will be checking on how patrol does their duty during their shifts. Patrols will never be alone; they are posted with a partner or very close to another patrol on duty for support and safety.
  3. When are the meetings? Patrols will be given a copy of all meetings as soon as they are officially on patrol. Meetings are once a month during the last week of each month during one lunch and recess (dates TBA). Patrols will be responsible for attending meetings and knowing when they are. A master schedule is always available in the patrol cabinet for their convenience. Students will bring a lunch on meeting days and come ready to discuss patrol business. When students are unable to attend meetings, they must alert their patrol supervisor. 3 absences, chronic lateness or refusal to follow safety patrol protocol will result in a release from patrol duty.
  4. Why is everything in Spanish? The goal is to support students in their language learning and provide them what they sorely need: practice outside of the classroom. The intention is to allow them to be independent and use their Spanish. The intention is NOT to alienate families and in order to keep informed you may talk with your patrolling student and refer to these FAQ. Patrol is a student centered job and they will be responsible for communications, doing their job and reporting to monthly meetings. All 4th and 5th grade students are capable of reading, listening and understanding all rules, protocols and agreements surrounding patrol in Spanish.
  5. How can I help? Once the patrol is on duty, there is little else needed. We appreciate all drivers who get the patrolling students here on time! We also appreciate parents who remind students that their behavior both while on patrol and during those “off weeks” is expected to be a model for other students. (If patrol students receive multiple patrol violations during their “off weeks” they will be asked to discontinue patrol service.)



Here are some volunteer opportunities for parents:


  • Communications secretary: collect and compile family phone numbers and emails for supervisor This person can project to work from Oct. until the list is finalized.


  • End of the year recognition celebration:  Cost/date/logistics/ order for end of the year “Gracias” lunch with patrol. This person can project to work from April to June 1st more or less.


  • Patrol back up: help support/supervise patrols on duty. Model assertiveness, safety and help them keep everybody safe by reminding them: “Camina por favor”. Ongoing job through the school year from Sept-June.


  • Sign maker: make a sign for students to wear on their neck/back that reads: CAMINA POR FAVOR. Signs and posters can be laminated and attached to the blue posts (up high) along the breezeways to and from the classrooms. Signs would be needed by the end of Oct. at latest.
  • Cabinet organizer: help keep pencils sharpened, infraction notices available, patrol cards at the ready and clipboards/vests in order. Ongoing job from Sept. to June.
  • Party Treat Helper   Helps with treats throughout the year and organize end of year service party


Gracias for your time!


Please direct questions to the Safety Patrol Supervisors: Sra. Duimovic or Profe. Ana Alfonso


Lead supervisor/patrol trainer:




Patrulla de 4to y 5to grado 2017-2018


Requisitos para ser patrullera/o



  1. Poder hacer supervisión durante la mañana y la tarde todos los días por una semana.




  1. Ser una estudiante que sabe y sigue las reglas de la escuela, es responsable y tiene firmeza de carácter.




  1. Ser una persona que puede decirle a otros estudiantes que necesitan caminar.




  1. Leer, con tus padres, los FAQ’s y entender las responsabilidades de este servicio.




5)  Llenar el formulario y una recomendación de tu maestra/o.






Solicitud para patrulla


Usa letra legible ( si no se puede leer- no se considerará)



Nombre:     primero:_____________________


(2do nombre)


Escribe por qué te gustaría estar en patrulla.








Menciona una cualidad que tienes que te ayudaría a hacer el trabajo de patrulla.




Recomendación de maestra/o:


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