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For BSD students entering grades 7-8 next fall.

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Information for summer 2018 will be posted in April.

Somerset Elementary

Operation Ideation is a new summer program for students who will be entering grades 7-8 next fall. Students will learn and practice the process of Design Thinking then apply their learning to solve authentic, relevant problems. Design Thinking is a problem-based learning framework that guides and encourages creative and unconventional thinking for solving the problems of today and tomorrow.

Our program will provide students the opportunity to further develop:

  • Academic and life skills
  • Authentic problem solving
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • A framework for problem solving

Providing students with a place and opportunity to use their skills to solve authentic problems will enhance personal confidence and self-esteem. Design Thinking will provide students with life-long skills, which can be applied in academics and are relevant in life. Design Thinking is organic and authentic, with ideas generated by the students.