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We also offer a Mandarin Dual Language program at Jing Mei Elementary.

Dual Language Model

¿Por qué?

Los estudiantes de varios orígenes lingüísticos aprenden juntos, con la enseñanza impartida en dos idiomas.  En los grados tempranos, 90% de la enseñanza se imparte en español.  Para 3º grado la enseñanza se reparte entre 50% en español y 50% en inglés.  Para sacar el mayor beneficio del programa se recomienda que los estudiantes se matriculen para los seis años de enseñanza en Lenguaje Dual.

  • El aprendizaje de idiomas a una edad temprana aumenta el desarrollo cognitivo permitiendo niveles de aprendizaje más profundos.
  • Los jóvenes tienen la capacidad de adquirir un idioma más rápidamente y con habilidades casi compatibles con hablantes nativos.
  • Las habilidades de idiomas abren puertas a otros países, culturas y gentes.
  • Al saber más de dos idiomas permite un mayor éxito en los cursos de idiomas al nivel universitario y en el mercado laboral.

Why Dual Language?

Students of both language backgrounds benefit immensely from participating in a Dual Language Program.  Students learn to read, write and speak proficiently in two languages, with near native skill by the time they complete fifth grade.  They also develop an appreciation for and an understanding of diverse cultures.

  • Language learning at a young age increases cognitive development, allowing deeper levels of learning.
  • Young children have the ability to gain language faster and with near native like language skills.
  • Language skills open the door to other countries, cultures and people.
  • Knowing two languages allows for greater success in university language classes and employment opportunities.

Kindergartners in the Dual Language classrooms learn the same curriculum that all other kindergarten classes in the district learn, except it’s in Spanish. Students hear language and learn to break words into syllables and to sounds. By the time they leave kindergarten, they should be able to write complete sentences with a capital at the beginning and a period at the end.  They should be able to label their picture to show meaning.  English speakers may be able to have a basic conversation in Spanish.

English speakers and native speakers of the partner language are integrated for instruction so that both groups of students serve in the role of language model and language learner at different times.

Research has shown that students in Dual Language Program tend to do better on standardized tests in reading and math.  Additionally, they are able to read and write at grade level in a second language.    Research has also found that dual language education is a very successful model for helping English language learners succeed academically in school.  They have a positive attitude about their own ability as learners.

Students read, write, listen and speak in both languages, becoming bilingual, bi-literate and bi-cultural. We firmly believe that language is a valuable resource and a skill needed to contribute and compete globally in our developing world.

Mandarin Dual Language

Jing Mei Elementary

Jing Mei teaches Mandarin Chinese and English using dual language two-way immersion model. Two-way immersion means student enrollment in the classes is balanced between native Chinese speakers and students who speak other languages such as English, Spanish or Hindi.

Our goal at Jing Mei is for students to:

  • Develop high levels of proficiency and literacy in both English & Mandarin
  • Demonstrate high levels of academic achievement
  • Develop an appreciation and understanding for diverse cultures

景美是以双语双向合拼模式来教学。双向合拼 “Two-way immersion” 的意思是我们的学生是由一半家庭有中文环境的学生和一半讲其他语言如英文,西班牙文和印度文的学生组成 。在我们的双语学校,老师全天分别用英文和中文来教授校区和华盛顿州的标准基础课程。景美的办学目标是让学生们:

  • 在英文和中文上发展高水准的学习程度
  • 达到与在英语学校就学的同龄学生的同等的或更高水准的学术成果
  • 发展对多元文化的切身感受,欣赏和深入理解
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