Parent Internet Viewer (PIV)

The PIV provides parents and students access to attendance, grade and assignment information in a real-time atmosphere and access to the BSD Curriculum. Please note that the PIV only provides unofficial progress information. Official end-of-term grades are mailed home. Please refer to the mailed report cards for official grades.

Report Card Attendance Notice

Please rely on the attendance reporting in PIV.  The attendance calculated on the first quarter report cards may not be correct.  We have found some cases where the absences have been doubled or tripled.  This issue will be resolved on second quarter’s report card.  Thanks for your patience while we work through all our challenges of migrating to our new student information system (Aspen).

Attention Parents of Middle School Students at Chinook, Highland, Odle, Tillicum and Tyee

The implementation of the new Student Information System (Aspen) and integration with Global Scholar Gradebook has presented us with challenges in that we could not force a separate 1st and 2nd quarter tab with separate grade calculations.  We are working on a solution for second semester so that we don’t run into the same thing with 3rd and 4th quarter. 

Report cards for 1st quarter have been mailed so that you can be aware of the official grades for 1st quarter.  While PIV will show the assignments and scores from 1st quarter, we have adjusted the system so that they will not be included in the calculation for the grade you will see generated in the column labeled First Semester.  This is the running grade for 2nd quarter only, beginning with assignments dated November 12.  If teachers have not entered any assignments for second quarter, there will be no grade.

High Schools, International School, Big Picture and all courses that grant high school credit are not impacted because they use a cumulative semester grade calculation. (World Language, Alg 1, Geo, Bio, Spanish Academy, Gifted Alg, Geo, Alg 2, Frosh Comp, Foundations). 

Timely Tips

Assignment Score Codes
X = Excused assignment. Does not impact final grade.
Z = Missing assignment, not turned in. Calculated as a zero into final grade.
T = Assignment turned in but not yet scored/graded. Does not impact final grade.

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Contact your school's main office (PIV Password Administrator) if you have any questions or problems with your password.