Stop DescriptionAM RouteAM TimePM RoutePM TimeWed. Time
EB MAIN ST & 145TH PL SE-100' BEFORE INTERSECTION1507:53 AM2003:20 PM01:00 PM
145TH PL SE & SE 18TH ST(KAMBER RIDGE)1507:56 AM1503:22 PM01:02 PM
145TH PL SE & 144TH AV SE1507:57 AM1503:23 PM01:03 PM
145TH PL SE & SE 26TH ST1508:00 AM1503:26 PM01:06 PM
KAMBER RD & SE 18TH PL1508:03 AM1503:29 PM01:09 PM
SE 20TH ST & 138TH PL SE1508:05 AM1503:31 PM01:11 PM
NB 2860 139TH AV SE(MADRONA PK)1508:08 AM1503:34 PM01:14 PM
KAMBER RD & 140TH WY SE1508:09 AM1503:36 PM01:16 PM
EB KAMBER RD & SE 21ST PL1508:10 AM1503:37 PM01:17 PM
NE 6TH ST & 154TH AV NE2008:01 AM2003:31 PM01:11 PM
152ND PL SE & SE 1ST ST2008:04 AM2003:24 PM01:04 PM
SE 4TH ST & 155TH PL SE2008:06 AM2003:26 PM01:06 PM
WB MAIN ST & 153RD PL NE2008:08 AM2003:28 PM01:08 PM
WB MAIN ST & 150TH PL NE2008:10 AM2003:29 PM01:09 PM
NB 145TH PL NE & MAIN ST2008:11 AM2003:20 PM01:00 PM
145TH PL NE & NE 4TH ST2008:13 AM2003:21 PM01:01 PM
SB 148TH AV NE & NE 1 ST(SUMMERFIELD)2008:15 AM2003:23 PM01:03 PM
*Limited stops are used only in emergency situations when a bus may not be able to complete the normal route. In the event that we use limited routes, a message will be posted on the Bellevue School District homepage.