Interlake High School Advanced Placement Exam Registration 2017-18

All students in Advanced Placement (AP) classes have the opportunity to take an AP Exam for each AP class in which they are enrolled. AP students not taking their scheduled AP exam in May will attend their regularly scheduled classes. Exam registration and payment will begin on Tuesday, January 16th  and end on Wednesday, February 7th.

Registration process:

    • Students are encouraged to register/submit payments as soon as possible.
    • Students are to:
      1. Pay online
      2. Submit AP Registration Packet and a copy of the receipt to the Accountant’s office.
    • Exams will be ordered based on tests purchased. Please double check your receipts to make sure you have been registered for the correct test and time.
    • If student has two exams scheduled during the same time, or if there is a direct conflict with an IB test, the student may register for a late AP test. Please see the step by step instructions on the new registration form. You will now be responsible for registering and paying for the correct test whether it is regularly scheduled or late.

Payments and Financial Aid:

  • AP Tests are $94 per exam. Payments should be made online by credit card at . If you do not have access to internet or a credit card, payment can still be made at the Accountant’s office.
  • Inability to pay should not stop any student from taking the exam. Financial Assistance is available.
    • Exam fees will be waived for students who qualify for free and reduced lunch. Fee waiver portion (pg. 6) of the online application will have needed to be filled out prior to paying for your AP tests. If you have questions whether or not you have done this, please see Ms. Tate in the accountant’s office. If you have not done it, you must reapply for free/reduced lunch.
    • If a student does not qualify for free or reduced lunch, the student may still qualify for reduced-fee exams if the student is taking multiple exams and can demonstrate significant financial hardship. Please see the counseling center for additional paperwork


  • Students with a 504 plan or IEP who have testing accommodations they use at school should see their counselor in the Counseling Center by Wednesday, February 7th, if they want to access these accommodation on the AP test.
  • All accommodations needed for AP must be pre-approved by the College Board. Your counselor will help with this process (must see them by Feb 7.  Have any questions? Feel free to see your counselor or Ms. Vergien in the Counseling Center.

All completed forms and payments are due to the Accountant’s Office no later than Wednesday, February 7th.

If you have any questions, please email Sarah Brown at