Activity Bus Routes

Please note that all activity stop times may vary considerably depending on student ridership and heavy traffic.

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Regular Bus Routes

Stop DescriptionAM RouteAM TimePM RoutePM TimeWed. Time
NE 40TH ST & 146TH PL NE/BRADENWOOD4207:06 AM4202:43 PM01:32 PM
SB 148TH AV NE & NE 37TH PL(OVERLAKE PK)4207:08 AM4202:44 PM01:33 PM
EB NE 40TH ST & 168TH AV NE4207:13 AM4202:54 PM01:43 PM
172ND AV NE & NE 36TH ST4207:18 AM4202:56 PM01:45 PM
W LK SAMM PKWY NE & 177TH LA NE4406:58 AM5302:59 PM01:50 PM
W LK SAMM PKWY NE & NE 16TH PL4407:01 AM5302:55 PM01:46 PM
2234 W LK SAMM PKWY NE4407:02 AM5302:54 PM01:44 PM
NE 21ST ST & 182ND AV NE(ON 21ST)4407:05 AM5302:52 PM01:42 PM
NE 21ST ST & 186TH AV NE4407:06 AM5302:51 PM01:41 PM
183RD AV NE & NE 15TH PL (ROSEMONT)4407:08 AM5302:49 PM01:39 PM
NE 16TH ST & 177TH AVE NE4407:10 AM5302:47 PM01:37 PM
2236 W LK SAMM PKWY SE4507:07 AM4502:57 PM01:49 PM
W LK SAMM PKWY SE & SE 12TH PL4507:09 AM4502:55 PM01:46 PM
400 W LK SAMM PKWY SE4507:11 AM4502:54 PM01:44 PM
W LK SAMM PKWY & NE 2ND PL4507:12 AM4502:53 PM01:43 PM
NE 12TH ST & 179TH PL NE4507:14 AM4502:48 PM01:38 PM
168TH AV NE & IVANHOE-SITE DR WY4507:17 AM4502:44 PM01:34 PM
168TH AV NE & NE 16TH PL4507:19 AM4502:41 PM01:31 PM
NE 30TH ST & 168TH AV NE5207:01 AM5202:41 PM01:31 PM
164TH AV NE & NE 28TH ST5207:03 AM5202:44 PM01:34 PM
NE 24TH ST & 171ST AV NE5207:06 AM5202:48 PM01:38 PM
173RD AV NE & NE 22ND CT5207:08 AM5202:49 PM01:39 PM
173RD AV NE & NE 15TH PL5207:11 AM5202:51 PM01:42 PM
17222 NE 8TH ST (CHURCH DR WY)5207:13 AM5202:53 PM01:44 PM
NE 8TH ST & 165TH AV NE/(WEST SIDE)5207:15 AM5202:55 PM01:46 PM
*Limited stops are used only in emergency situations when a bus may not be able to complete the normal route. In the event that we use limited routes, a message will be posted on the Bellevue School District homepage.