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In an effort to promote a culture of service, engage with our community and improve communication from the district, BSD is launching six community advisory groups. The focus area for each of the groups were identified during Dr. Duran’s Fall 2017 Listening Tour. Each group will begin with a series of sessions where community members and key partners will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the broader issue being discussed and offer ideas for possible next steps.

Safe Students / Safe Schools

This group will explore strategies to create a more positive, welcoming and safe environment for students, free from harassment, intimidation and bullying (HIB) in all of our schools, and how best to respond to allegations of HIB to ensure students and families are heard and safety remains paramount.

Did you miss our Safe Students / Safe Schools meetings? The group met four times in January 2018. If you were unable to attend, or you have additional ideas,  we want to hear from you! Please take a moment and help us create positive, welcoming, and safe schools.

Athletics & Activities

This group will explore issues related to supporting students in after school activities and athletics, including issues of equity across schools and programs, donations, evaluation of programs and budget to support those programs with the goal of supporting all students in their extracurricular interests.

We will be holding meetings Feb. 28, March 5, March 14, March 21, and March 29.


This group will discuss issues of equity throughout the district, including student and staff experiences in our schools, programs to support students and staff of color, culturally responsive curriculum, equity issues related to the allocation of resources.

Growth & Planning

This group will consider issues with facilities and enrollment and assist the district with recommendations regarding a long-range facility plan.  The committee will evaluate issues such as new enrollment growth; attendance area boundaries; transportation; class sizes and recommendations to the board regarding potential future bond consideration.


The Finance group’s primary function will be to provide input to the budget process; review financial reports and other financial information; review the district’s internal controls regarding finance and accounting compliance and ethics; review the business risk of the district; encourage continuous improvement and implementation of best practices; and foster adherence to the district’s policies, procedures and practices from a financial and accounting perspective.


This group will work with the District and community partners to address issues regarding physical and mental health. Issues discussed could include social and emotional well-being; physical fitness; nutrition; trauma; depression; academic and social pressure; internet safety; social media management; and substance abuse.