Community Engagement

Strong Community Involvement has been Bellevue's Key to Success.

The Bellevue School District has been nationally recognized for the quality of its schools--prompting many families to move to Bellevue for that very reason alone.  Community support and involvement has been a consistent factor here.  From parent volunteers in schools, business support for educational initiatives, citizen advisory committees to help find solutions, charitable foundations to fund programs, campaigns to support capital construction or technology enhancements, or groups that engage parents, community engagement has been a foundation of success.

Our menu to the right shows some of the ways to engage and become involved.  Our community engagement activities are based on an approach that a wide range of perspectives provides the best solutions and outcomes. 

  • Are you a parent looking for ways to become involved to support student academic achievement?  From parent groups to our VIBES volunteer program, the possibilities are endless.  Contact the Equity Department at 425-456-4027 or
  • Are you a citizen looking to be part of a group to find solutions?  A citizen advisory committee may be just for you.  Call our office to see which avenue may work for you.  Contact the Communications Department at 425-456-4000 or
  • Interested in fundraising?  The Bellevue Schools Foundation provides ways to parents and professionals to network for a great impact.  Call the Foundation 425-456-4199.

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