Stop DescriptionAM RouteAM TimePM RoutePM TimeWed. Time
NE 24TH ST & 171ST AV NE0307:06 AM0303:07 PM12:45 PM
164TH AV NE & NE 28TH ST0307:09 AM0303:04 PM12:42 PM
172ND AV NE & NE 37TH PL0307:14 AM0302:59 PM12:39 PM
EB NE 40TH ST & 168TH PL NE(TRAILS OF REDMOND APTS)0307:18 AM0302:57 PM12:37 PM
148TH AV NE & NE 36TH ST(1 BLK PRIOR) ADAGIO APTS0307:24 AM0302:51 PM12:31 PM
NE 40TH ST & 146TH PL NE/BRADENWOOD0307:28 AM0302:48 PM12:28 PM
**NE 40TH ST & 142ND PL NE0307:30 AM0302:46 PM12:26 PM
HIGHLAND MS LOADZONE1807:14 AM1802:50 PM12:30 PM
SB 156TH AV & NE 11TH ST(CASCADIAN-13)1807:18 AM1802:53 PM12:33 PM
NE 8TH ST & 172ND PL NE1807:23 AM1802:57 PM12:37 PM
177TH AVE NE & NE 16TH ST/NEAR BENNETT1807:27 AM1803:01 PM12:41 PM
179TH AVE & NE 24TH ST(ON 179TH)#1807:29 AM1803:03 PM12:43 PM
W LK SAMM PKWY SE & 170TH PL SE2907:15 AM2903:07 PM12:47 PM
NE 2ND PL & 174TH PL NE2907:17 AM2903:05 PM12:45 PM
NORTHUP WY & 170TH AV NE2907:20 AM2903:02 PM12:42 PM
NORTHUP WY & 162ND AV NE2907:23 AM2902:59 PM12:39 PM
ODLE MS LOADZONE2907:30 AM2902:48 PM12:28 PM
NB 140TH AV NE & NE 27TH ST3707:24 AM3702:42 PM12:22 PM
NB 3800 140TH AV NE(CREEKSIDE)3707:25 AM3702:45 PM12:24 PM
NB 4236 140TH AV NE3707:30 AM3702:46 PM12:26 PM
SB 140TH AV NE & NE 48TH PL3707:30 AM3702:52 PM12:32 PM
SB 140TH AV NE & NE 42ND ST( COVERED SHED)3707:31 AM3702:53 PM12:33 PM
SB 140TH AV NE & NE 37TH PL3707:32 AM3702:54 PM12:35 PM
SB 140TH AV NE & NE 36TH PL3707:33 AM3702:55 PM12:35 PM
SB 140TH AV NE & NE 34TH PL3707:34 AM3702:56 PM12:37 PM
SB 140TH AV NE & NE 32ND PL3707:35 AM3702:57 PM12:37 PM
SB 140TH AV NE & NE 31ST PL3707:35 AM3702:58 PM12:38 PM
SB 140TH AV NE & NE 28TH ST3707:36 AM3703:00 PM12:39 PM
SB 140TH AV NE & NE 26TH PL3707:36 AM3703:01 PM12:40 PM
116TH AV NE & NE 30TH PL4607:22 AM4602:55 PM12:35 PM
116TH AV NE & NE 34TH ST4607:23 AM4602:54 PM12:34 PM
116TH AV NE & NE 39TH ST4607:24 AM4602:54 PM12:33 PM
132ND AV NE & NE 50TH ST4607:31 AM4602:48 PM12:28 PM
NE 40TH ST @ 132ND AV NE (GAZEBO PULL IN)4607:32 AM4602:45 PM12:25 PM
132ND AV NE & NE 47TH ST4607:32 AM4602:47 PM12:27 PM
134TH AV NE & NE 36TH ST(ON 134TH)4607:34 AM4602:44 PM12:24 PM
134TH AV NE & NE 30TH ST4607:35 AM4602:43 PM12:23 PM
134TH AV NE & NE 27TH PL4607:36 AM4602:42 PM12:22 PM
134TH AV NE & NE 25TH ST4607:37 AM4602:41 PM12:21 PM
NE 24TH ST & 131ST PL NE4607:39 AM4602:40 PM12:20 PM
*Limited stops are used only in emergency situations when a bus may not be able to complete the normal route. In the event that we use limited routes, a message will be posted on the Bellevue School District homepage.