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officeOffice 365 provides students a secure place for school email, online document editing, storing and collaboration. Office 365 syncs documents to student computers through OneDrive for document access without an Internet connection. Student Office 365 mail, documents and help can be found at bsd405.sharepoint.com.

onenoteOneNote is a digital notebook on every student laptop and part of Office 365. It gathers handwritten and typed notes, drawings, screen clippings, audio and video. OneNote is used by students and staff to organize class notes and information. It allows for sharing and collaboration that enhances project-based learning.

brightspaceThe Brightspace learning management system supports an entire learning community of students, teachers, parents, and administrators. Brightspace is a web-based learning environment. It support face-to-face and online teaching and learning by extending communication and collaboration beyond the classroom. Brightspace for students and families can be found at https://d2l.bsd405.org/.

    bsd logoParent Internet Viewer (PIV) - The PIV provides parents and students access to attendance, grade and assignment information in a real-time atmosphere and access to the BSD Curriculum. Please note that the PIV only provides unofficial progress information. Official end-of-term grades are mailed home. Please refer to the mailed report cards for official grades.

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     Naviance - Connecting Learning & Life - Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness solution for middle and high schools that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals.

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