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>It is time for ASB Elections! - Print your packet here

Anyone interested in joining the ASB leadership team, please pick up a packet in the main office, activities office or room 0106 and follow the directions inside. There is a mandatory meeting on Wednesday, April 1st in room 0106 at 12:45 sharp. Doors will be locked at 12:45. All packets and papers are due at that time. We are looking for 8 students, in any grade, that would like to help us continue to make Bellevue a great school to be at. Any questions, please see Ms. Conrad in room 0106 or email conradb@bsd405.org

>Nick of Time Cardiac Screenings

Wednesday, April 1
Bellevue High School
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

The Nick of Time Foundation is dedicated to educating schools, athletes, families, and communities about Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and death in young people.

On average, a seemingly healthy young person suffers a sudden cardiac arrest every three days in the US and it’s the leading cause of death in exercising young athletes. In most cases of sudden cardiac arrest, cardiac abnormalities are not detected, there are no warning signs, and unless a normal heart rhythm is restored within minutes, death is the end result.

>Modified Schedule (Mar 17th-19th) due to testing.  Here is Schedule. 

>AP Proctoring - Looking for a way to support your students? Sign-up to proctor the exams.

 >Advanced Placement Exams: Late ordering is still available although late fees may be applicable. Contact semlerl@bsd405.org and grays@bsd405.org to coordinate.  More AP information on this page.

>Registration Timeline 2015-2016 for incoming 10th-12th grade students begins March 4th, read more...

Introducing AP Capstone:Bellevue High School is one of more than 300 schools worldwide to implement AP Capstone

>WaNIC: Still accepting registration forms in the Career/College Center. here is the brochure with additional information.



Bellevue High School Mission Statement

The Wolverine Way. It’s worth the climb.
We hold high standards. We embrace the challenge together and support one another along the way.

We are a community dedicated to learning. We are students, teachers, parents, staff, family, alumni, and neighbors. Together, we strive for excellence in all we do. We educate our minds and strengthen our hearts. We are preparing for college and for life.

Thoughtful action. Accountable excellence. Shared success. Respect for all.
We embrace challenges and aspire to excellence for ourselves and for our community. We respect others and ourselves. We’re in it together.

Motivated. Prepared. Confident. Curious. Kind.
We recognize that excellence is never finished, and may not be within reach right from the start. So we are motivated and prepared—not just for the goals, but for the effort we’ll put into them. We act with confidence not because we know the answers, but because we’re ready to explore and discover new solutions. We are curious about what’s beyond the textbooks and the tests. We take pride in our involvement with our school and our community.

What can I do to make a difference? Where can I find a solution? How can I help others succeed?

Learn about other people, places, and cultures. Recognize, support, and celebrate individuals. Participate in the community. Create a better world.

Focused. Honest. Creative. Helpful. Kind. Open-minded. Passionate.

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Safe Schools

Our district uses SafeSchools Alert, a tip reporting service that allows students, staff and parents to submit safety concerns to our administration via text, phone, web or email.

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