Stop DescriptionAM RouteAM TimePM RoutePM TimeWed. Time
EB NE 24TH ST & & W.LAKE SAMM PLWY3008:28 AM3003:39 PM01:19 PM
2234 W LK SAMM PKWY NE3008:29 AM3003:40 PM01:20 PM
W LK SAMM PKWY NE & NE 20TH CT3008:29 AM3003:40 PM01:20 PM
W LK SAMM PKWY NE & NE 16TH PL(MALLARD LA)3008:30 AM3003:43 PM01:23 PM
1220 W LK SAMM PKWY NE (N.ROSEMONT-SIGN)3008:30 AM3003:44 PM01:24 PM
800 W LK SAMM PKWY NE (S. ROSEMONT SIGN)3008:31 AM3003:45 PM01:25 PM
628 W LK SAMM PKWY NE3008:32 AM3003:49 PM01:26 PM
W LK SAMM PKWY NE & 177TH LA NE3008:33 AM3003:49 PM01:27 PM
390 W LK SAMM PKWY NE3008:33 AM3003:50 PM01:27 PM
326-372 W LK SAMM PKWY NE(THE COVE)3008:34 AM3003:51 PM01:28 PM
174TH PL NE & NE 2ND PL3008:36 AM3003:53 PM01:31 PM
174TH PL NE & NE 4TH ST3008:37 AM3003:54 PM01:32 PM
NE 8TH ST & 166TH AV NE3108:33 AM3103:42 PM01:22 PM
NE 8TH ST & 171ST PL NE3108:35 AM3103:40 PM01:20 PM
2227 W LK SAMM PKWY SE5308:25 AM5304:00 PM01:30 PM
2035 W LK SAMM PKWY SE5308:26 AM5303:59 PM01:30 PM
W LK SAMM PKWY SE & SE 14TH LA5308:27 AM5303:57 PM01:28 PM
1016 W LK SAMM PKWY SE(BASS COVE)5308:29 AM5303:56 PM01:27 PM
562 W LK SAMM PKWY SE5308:30 AM5303:55 PM01:26 PM
400 W LK SAMM PKWY SE5308:31 AM5303:54 PM01:25 PM
172ND PL NE & NE 7TH PL(BEL)5308:35 AM5303:51 PM01:21 PM
NE 8TH ST & 172ND PL NE (AT APT ENT E OF METRO)5308:36 AM5303:50 PM01:19 PM
*Limited stops are used only in emergency situations when a bus may not be able to complete the normal route. In the event that we use limited routes, a message will be posted on the Bellevue School District homepage.