Our Focus

  • All students at all schools receiving a high quality computer science education beginning in Kindergarten and extending through 12th grade.
  • Strategies to intentionally engage females and students of color in computer science.
  • Inclusion of students in special education.
  • Student success with 21st century skills: critical thinking, collaboration, computational thinking, communication, and creativity.
  • Providing all students with an exemplary college preparatory education so they can succeed in college, career, and life.

Curriculum Developers

Greg Bianchi

Cheri Bortleson

Jake Duke

The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. All BSD elementary and middle schools plan to participate in the worldwide event. Learn more…

Inspire CS logo

INSPIRE_CS is a movement to get all Bellevue School District students engaged in computer science. We will be hosting CS events throughout the school year to help students pursue a future in computer science. Learn more…

Why Computer Science?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, projections for job openings and replacements in computing jobs is 1,366,200 jobs from 2010 – 2020. Projections for all other STEM jobs combined (engineering, life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences) is 908,700 jobs over the same period. This is a 60:40 ratio of jobs in Computing vs the rest of STEM. Learn more…

Get an inside look at our ground-breaking, cutting edge K-12 computer science initiative, made possible the partnership between the Bellevue School District and the Bellevue Schools Foundation.


Elementary School

  • To help shape the future of coding and computational thinking for our Bellevue students, some teachers across the district are participating in a pilot.
    • Kindergarten through third grade classrooms across are using Code.org
    • Fourth and Fifth grade classrooms across the district are using Scratch with ITCH.
  • Ongoing professional development for pilot teachers is focused on strategies for teaching CS, curriculum resources, and computational thinking.

Middle School

  • Pilot of integrated computer science learning experiences in science using Code.org course
  • Ongoing professional development for pilot teachers of CS/science integrated course by Code.org
  • Python based Career and Technical Education course (TechSmartKids) and training for teachers (Python 101).
  • CTE based robotics and engineering curriculum (Project Lead the Way)

High School

  • AP Computer Science offered at all comprehensive high schools, as well as at International School.
  • AP Computer Science Principles offered at all comprehensive high schools.

Sample High School CS pathway:

Introduction to Computer Science (Python 201 Pilot)
Video Game Design
Mobile Applications
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Computer Science
Cisco Networking
Special Topics in Computer Science
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The CSforAll Consortium is a network of computer science (CS) education providers, schools, funders, and researchers working to support the mission of expanding access to CS education for all K-12 students.

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