Desired Characteristics

Revised February 2012

Constant Collaborator

  • Skillful in deep listening and learning—invites opposing viewpoints, non-threatening
  • Builds bridges among Board, administrators, staff, schools and community
  • A healer
  • Makes plans and decisions collaboratively, authentically reflecting input from diverse groups
  • Recognizes and builds on existing strengths and initiatives; careful not to break what is not broken
  • Prioritizes building trust among all members of the school district community
  • Creates an organizational structure that supports the District’s mission and goals, provides for “bottom up” input, and fosters teamwork throughout the District

Inspiring Education Leader

  • Understands and builds upon the extraordinary successes of the District while striving to meet identified challenges.
  • Believes in and seeks a better future for all students, including Bellevue’s growing minority population as well as our most vulnerable students
  • Experienced and respected in the classroom; works well with staff
  • Identifies, inspires, and grows the talents of District leadership, teachers and support staff
  • Communicates effectively with teachers, other staff, and patrons
  • Works comfortably and openly with a high performing educational team
  • Uses the strengths of an articulated, district-wide curriculum and supports the judgment and skills of teachers to meet the needs of individual students
  • Attracts and retains high quality and diverse staff

Inclusively Engages Diverse Community

  • Embraces the diversity of the community as a strength; reaches out to minorities and draws them in—receptive to community input
  • Genuinely wants to live and work in Bellevue long term; knows and likes the culture and climate of Bellevue School District, City of Bellevue and Puget Sound region
  • Is visible and present in schools and the community
  • Builds lasting partnerships—including with parents, special interest groups, community service organizations, businesses, and non-profit organizations
  • Maintains positive working relationships with civic leaders and state legislators and participates with leaders at the state level on school issues
  • Communicates effectively, proactively, and respectfully with teachers, other staff, parents, and other stakeholders

Tireless Champion for Student-Centered Results

  • Focus on high academic achievement for all students—academic excellence
  • Supports under-performing students; committed to addressing the achievement gap
  • Removes educational barriers and addresses the opportunity gap
  • Challenges students who already meet standard
  • Prioritizes “whole student” learning including arts, music, research skills, athletics, and social emotional learning—prepare students for life
  • Embraces alternative programs including special needs, gifted, alternative schools, language immersion, STEM, career/technical education, and home schooling, among others
  • Uses continuous improvement measures to monitor performance of the system and its people
  • Skilled at maximizing financial support including levies and community donors

Forward-Looking Trailblazer

  • Provides leadership within Bellevue’s changing landscape: increasing diversity, increasing urbanization
  • Find ways to make all Bellevue’s schools equally excellent, especially raise the lower performing schools
  • Finds ways to navigate fiscally challenging times without compromising educational excellence
  • Seeks creative solutions within seemingly impossible constraints—supports arts, music, libraries, athletics, 7-period day—in an era of declining funding
  • Seeks improvement (e.g., TPEP) while simultaneously respecting and preserving effectiveness of existing practices
  • Visible in Olympia and statewide, working to develop and improve educational policy

Character Role Model

  • Maintains open, honest relationships
  • Genuinely respects others; treats staff fairly and earns their respect in return
  • Leads by example
  • Demonstrates transparency in decision-making; no conflicts of interest or appearance of conflicts of interest
  • Admits mistakes and adjusts to new information
  • Holds onto mission and core values while demonstrating integrity, accountability, sincerity, patience, flexibility and humility

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