Meet Our Board Members

Bellevue School Board

Board Member Roles:

President, Mr. McConnell;
Vice-President, Ms. Chew;
Legislative Liaison, Ms. Marks;
Bellevue School Foundation Liaison, Ms. Chew;
Youth Link Liaison, Ms. Roberson;
PTSA Board Representative, Ms. Thai;
Special Needs PTA, Mr. McConnell;
Eastside Pathways, Ms. Thai;
BQS, Ms. Marks;
Finance/Audit Committee, Ms. Marks/Ms. Roberson;
Policy Committee, Mr. McConnell/Ms. Chew;
Equity Department Liaison, Ms. Roberson
Disciplinary Appeals Board Representative, unspecified.

School Board District Contact:

Board Meetings:

Terri Gibson, Administrative Asst., Superintendent's Office
Phone: (425) 456-4172
Fax: (425) 456-4176

PO Box 90010
Bellevue, WA 98009-9010

The regular meetings of the Board of Directors will be held at least once a month, according to a yearly schedule adopted in advance by the Board. Adjustments may be made to the schedule as long as they are posted at least two weeks in advance.

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