Newport Heights Elementary School Construction Project


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About The Project

Newport Heights Elementary School was reconstructed on the site that used to house the Lake Heights Elementary School facility in the Newport Hills area about .5 miles from the existing school.
The closed Lake Heights building was demolished to make room for a new 2 story 71,000 SF facility. The new school alleviates the need for the 8 portables that were at the previous Newport Heights campus. The new school consolidates all spaces under one roof and provides district standard space utilization including a gymnasium, multi-purpose room and stage along with music rooms along with an art/science project room.
The school is equipped with SMART Boards and LCD projectors in each instructional space. The school also has wireless access in addition to hard wired data which enables the school to utilize wireless mobile laptop labs in each classroom rather than dedicate space for a single purpose computer lab.
Construction began in June of 2007 and the Facility opened in September of 2008.


Burr, Lawrence, Rising and Bates – Tacoma, WA


SpeeWest Construction Co. - Edmonds, WA

Total Project Budget

$29.5 million




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